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  1. So I stopped posting because there wasn't really anything interesting to report... face wise lol. I just slooowly & gradually got clear. But yesterday I had my last accutane dermo. appt. I'm going to finish up my last 10 pills this week, so I figured I'll fill you in on how it went. My face gradually did get quite clear. I'd go a week or two without a breakout, but sadly those 'winning streaks' were short lived when my face would break out with 1 or 2 big zits. They were the kind that a
  2. Good luck on your course!! My suggestion is to try not to let the inanimate side effects (not talking about dry lips/skin because you can see you have this) get to you. A lot of them might just be in your head because the doctors warn you so much about them. This sense of caution gets instilled in our minds and we are on 'high alert' searching out for any kind of side effect to blame on accutane. If you start to blame every little thing that you feel on accutane, the course is going to be a wh
  3. Hi everyone. So I know you all like pictures.. I did take some on the day that I started accutane, but I just never posted them. Well, I took some today and my skin actually looks like TWICE as bad. UGH!! Obviously because I stopped taking sulfamethoxazole to start the accutane. Ugh! The second one is me the day I started. And the third is the way I looked in march I feel so ugly now! UggHHH!!!!!
  4. Thanks! Day 44. Well not much good news to report today... I've been breaking out and my skin has looked like crap. First, lets start out with the dryness... My eyes get so dry and red. Sometimes I need to close them for like 15 seconds to make the burning go away. I use thera tears like 5 times a day. Also, my skin gets really super dry and flakey. I put on more moisturizer but that lasts for like 5 minutes until the flakes come back. Then I get these zits that come to a he
  5. Hi Miya.. I was just wondering how everything was going. I'm on accutane right now but I'm breaking a lot more ever since I stopped my antibiotic (because I started accutane). I want to try an internal cleanse. I was going to combine it with this regimen that I found online: Taken twice daily (with lunch and dinner) to aid digestion in the large intestine: 2 x Psyllium Husks 500mg 1 x Activated Charcoal 260mg Taken daily to maintain a clean small intestine: 1 x Yakult (for Lactobacillus
  6. yeah I prefer to look at my self in low lighting because I look really good. lol Then I turn on the light and feel bad ;( What I hate even more is when I am at the mall trying on clothes, and then I look in the fitting room mirror and staring back at me is this broken out oil well face!
  7. I saw that commercial too! Just think about it this way... Those commercials are only out there because some greedy lawyer wants to use you so they can try to get some money from a drug company. Even if you don't win the case, you need to pay the lawyer fees. Most people won't win the case because obviously all of the dangers/side effects are fully disclosed and you sign all this paperwork before they think about writing that script for you. It's not like anyone has a case for a malpractice s
  8. Day 36 Hi everyone. I'm going on day 36 now! I think I might feel some side effects now: I've been getting a few random headaches. I never get headaches so this has to be the accutane :/ Their not that bad though luckily. Usually I'll be sitting at work and just be like "oh wow, i have a headache". If I keep thinking about it, it gets worse but if I don't think about it I'll just forget it. So hopefully this won't get bad. My lips get even more dry than before now... 2 of my chap stic
  9. Hello everyone! Well, today is DAY 30!!!!!! Wow already?!! I just sucked down my last pill of the 40 mg Amnesteems. Usually I take it at 7:30 every night, but I was just so excited that I took it now! (6:45pm - these take me for ever to write lol) So, I have already taken 1,160 MG of Accutane (I forgot to take a pill once! ) Tomorrow I step up the dosage to 60 by taking 30 in the morning and 30 at night. I can't wait! So far, I have noticed very little side effects. No joint pains, no
  10. I can totally relate with you on the borring summer !! I just moved to FL for an internship and although my job has not started yet, I don't know anyone so I'm pretty much just staying in this house all alone !! I wish I had roomates! Plus it has been it's pouring out all day (and is forecasted to for the rest of the week!) AND the cable company needs to come and hook up the Internet. Yesterday I had to go to mcdonnalds and use their free wifi. (and just days before my friend and I were saying
  11. You and I started right around the same time but my face has yet to dry up like toast. Maybe it will when I up my dosage to 60. 3 more days! I notice mine to be a little bit tight around the lower jaw, and I get some tiny white flakes. Around my T zone I still collect oil.
  12. Thank you Ashley !! And hello to everyone from Florida! It was A long drive but I made it here on time in just 3 days! They have me living in this huuge house all alone ! Lol, I wish I could start work already and meet some new people ! It would also be cool if all 5 bedrooms were occupied because this would totally be like the real world lol But anyways, I believe this brings me to day 25!! My skin is not breaking out but this probably is only because I've been sleeping with my acne l
  13. Hello everyone, Just a quick update I called my derm. office about this appointment thing and they magically had an opening tomorrow at 9! It's very rare for them to have any openings within a week so I was so happy. She said I can still fill my prescription when my other one runs out, and they will do my blood just a little bit early! Now I don't need to ditch out on my first Friday at my new job so that's good. I'll just hope CVS won't care about me not being the one to pick up the a
  14. I hate those ones! I never got those before accutane! I'm sorry, hopefully they will go away soon. Also, I strongly recommend tea tree oil use it as a spot treatment a few times a day and they will be gone very quickly