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    Hello everyone, I've been a member for years on acne.org and i can say that it really helped me get through tough and dark times in my life and i am so grateful i found this non judgmental community. anyway, on 2012 i finally went on Accutane and all i can say that it was the most challenging 9 months of my life but the best decision i have ever took. fast-forward to 2015 i still get a few pimples now and then but that's not my biggest concern anymore its my scares that bother me
  2. hello, i suggest you buy a toothbrush for your lips because they will get very chapped and dry (not a pretty sight). this has been a life saver, i use the toothbrush to remove all of the dead skin and chapness. but dont brush to hard or else you will bleed. and apply vasline on afterwards. hope this helps in your journey.
  3. hello everyone, Background: been on acctuane for 4 months now (thank god). i had really painful cystic acne, due to that it has left me with very bad scarring, no lighting makes my face look any better. im really embarassed and insecure about it and at the same time im mad that ive been left with these ugly scars. the thing i wanna know is that, what can i do to remove them when i eventually finish my course, i'll be very grateful for your comments and input as ive attached two pictures
  4. Thank you all for your advice and kind words, at a time like this i really need support
  5. thanks guys for the input. @ Noregrets92 i dont really know, i havent seen improvment. it really made my skin purge i guess that's a good thing but not nice to look at. i use a pea size all over my face and im just gonna keep using it until my appointment.
  6. I picked a few because they had pus in them and were ready to be poped. Thanks i'll try runnig tomorrow.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just gonna purge all my feelings out here because this is the only place where people can relate and understand what im going through. My story is that I've had acne since I was 15, I am now 21J. Its been bad, good and gets worse again. However, this time around its just really bad, I cry very night about my face thinking how it got this way and why has it got this way. Infact a few minutes ago I just completely brokedown in tears a total meltdown, I just feel like the uglie
  8. Happy Birthday to me and another year of acne,scars,redmarks..and ugliness
  9. hahahaha ya what does that mean?? no im not overreacting u can see some of my pictures from recent posts! and now theres more red marks=(!
  10. well iam and who wouldnt with my face red marks everywhere i mean i know im a pretty girl coz i get that all the time but thats WITH MAKE Up ON -.-! i just feel fake and a liar coz with out make up im i still pretty?? i just get soo down about it coz i dont have the luxury of waking up washing my face and walking out the door it takes about 15 minutes just to look presentable i hate being like this and i cant help but think this is the rest of my life.
  11. wow thats good to hear congratsXD i love reading about success stories coz they give me hope;)!
  12. wow i think ur skin is looking good! keep the regimen up and u will be clear XD!!
  13. ever feel like oh i cant take this anymore its not working? coz im having trouble tbh i dont know if to stick with it ive been doing it night and day and this month has just been awful like the worst month ever i was doing well then i just broke out really bad so should i stick with it? is it worth it
  14. No I havent i cant really afford to at the moment.. so im gna just have to stick it out and see what happens