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  1. I've been saving up the excrement in my toilet bowl for about 2 months and have been dipping my face in it it for the past 3 weeks. Can't say I've noticed any difference.
  2. now I find out they're not registered with IPledge yet. "Don't panic sir, it's not like you'd see results today anyway' I hung up on that condescending twat before I verbally destroyed her.
  3. I quit a couple times too, but I never broke out. Its like my brain knew that I was serious this time.
  4. well apparently the fucks at my dermatoligst aren't registered with Ipledge so I can't get it yet. WTF is wrong with this stupid fucking world?!
  5. ok easier question, I know it happens pretty suddenly, but does it ever extend out after a month. I"m going to start it today, and I have a big B-Day pary to go to on April 4 and want to be atleast semiclear by then. I have semisevere acne.
  6. I know but there's a window where typically everyone has that symptom. Like a standard deviatioin bell curve. What's that window?
  7. what is the time period for the initial breakout. like from week 2 to week6.
  8. what is the time period for the initial breakout. like from week 2 to week6.
  9. I got the script today, but they didn't register me with IPledge. They're a bunch of cock suckers.
  10. I have acne like yours just a bit worse. Only thing that worked for me is getting rid of dairy from my diet, quitting smoking, aczone (topical Rx). If you really want to knock it out, go on accutane. That's what I'm currenty doing. I've also found hydrocortisone fortified with vitamins helps reduce the size and redness of those big ones overnight.
  12. Well I went to the dermotolgist last tuesday and she said without a doubt go on accutane. I had cysts all over my face from quittin smoking. Anyway, I had already fasted for the day cuz I knew they were going to put me on it, and I had signed the consent form. Mind you I've already been on it. Well she said she'd like to see me back in 2 weeks to discuss the blood test results and then put me on the accutane. I was so elated at the time I didn't even think to question it. Que to today. i
  13. what does it sound like. 1)he sounds pissed and 2) he says his skin is purging. You know what purging means don't you?
  14. it's full of hormones and and I believe DHT, dihydrotestosteron, or 5-alphareducatase. 5 alphareductase causes testosterone to convert to DHT causing sebum to become stickier