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  1. bp has been know to darken redmarks and delay the healing of them.
  2. Im a guy and I have no existing pimples but some redmarks I would like to cover up with makeup. Can anyone tell me how I could put make up on so it looks natural? I heard patting it on the redmarks would make it look less noticiable?
  3. In my opinion and alot of other opinions here on this board. Proactiv Solution is worthless. I recieved my first box of it recently. Used it that day I got it at night. Woke up in the morning to swollen cheeks and mouth. Really really bad redness like i had got sunburn. The renewing cleanser irritated my face. The repairing lotion has a nice smell but also irritated my face. If you are thinking about buying proactiv i would recommend not wasting your money on it. Its useless I was do
  4. Well Im a guy and I wear make up to cover up my redmarks. And no one even notices
  5. Ok I was wondering What would be the best time to put on a mask? These are the products i currently use. 1.Neutrogena Cleasing Bar 2.Neutrogena Clear pore soothing Gel Astrigent. 3.Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Where could I put on a mask in between those 3 steps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The mask I have is Grape Seed Extract Peel off Masque Kind Regards Rico
  6. Yes i meant dab some on a pimple. Any help is much appreciated thanks.
  7. Is it possible to leave 2.5 % bp on a pimple over night? will it dry it up?
  8. Yes i am following the regimen correctly. I think you are right, I started with a too high of a doasage of bp i put on 2.5% bp the first day i got it. I put it on morning and night and have been doing that ever since i started the regimen.
  9. Thanks for your responses guys i really appreciate it ill will stick with the regimen. thanks
  10. Ive been on the regimen for about 2 weeks and it has made my face worst my pimples went down in my cheeks where i had them but little red bumps have come up to the surface of my skin but spreaded all over. What should i do?? is it the bp? I have school in 4 days and i wanted to clear my acne up before the 2 week break was over can anyone please help!