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  1. I don't use any topicals. I have come to the conclusion that with my face, less is best and that the problem is internal. I will wash my face at night with a cleanser and then in the morning sometimes if I was sweating a lot in my sleep. I think that the more I put on my face, it makes it sensitive and will therefore breakout more. For the first time in my life, I haven't been spending tons on creams and washes. Spiro has corrected the problems internally - horomones - and has finally given me c
  2. Hey yall, I just wanted to chime in and tell my story and hopefully provide some hope to those just starting spiro About 3 years ago, I went on an 8 month course of Accutane. I had a fairly high dosage (about 80mgs) for most of the 8 mo. My acne wasn't ever terrible, just extremely persistent! The Accutane cleared the bumps from my chest, back, and forehead... but took almost the whole 8 mo. to get it off my chin. Well, fast forward a few months. After I stopped the accutane, I also stopped t
  3. I've been on spiro since February and I didn't start seeing real results until July or August. My derm told me that it normally takes about 6 - 8 months to work and he was right Spiro doesn't work overnight or even in a few months. It takes time, but it is well worth it!!!
  4. hey yall thanks for responding this thread is kind of old and I actually went to my derm and he put me on Spiro back in february. I started out at 50 mgs and just last month he upped me to 100. my face is definitely better than when I started, but I still break out (its just less severe). Hopefully (fingers crossed!!) it will only continue to improve!!!
  5. So recently (for the past6 months or so) my face has been breaking out more and more ... and it is always in one place at a time!!!! it will usually be my forehead for like a week and as soon as that gets cleared up, the right side of my face (usually on my lower cheeks/mouth/chin area) will break out. after i finally get that under control, the LEFT side will break out, almost identical to how the right was. Am i totally crazy or does this happen to anyone else?? it is sooo frustrating!!!
  6. So for the past couple of months, I have been using the burts bees gel face wash for acne.I've also used the acne scrub and SA roll on treatment that they sell as well. Has anyone had any luck with these products? I really want to use natural treatments without harsh chemicals, but I don't really know if the Burts Bees is making a difference.
  7. Definitely give the spiro time to work ... my derm told me 3 months at minimum. I just passed the 3 month mark and i can see a little difference. my skin on my cheeks is so smooth and the pores look a lot smaller, but im still breaking out on my chin and around my mouth. The amount of bumps I'm getting is a lot less, but the ones I have now are massive. just be patient and drink lots of water!!!!
  8. Thank you Wynne!! I really wish I had read this before I got the prescriptions filled ... $200 later for all 3 medications!!! So epiduo and differin are pretty much the same thing?!? He told me that the Epiduo would be "better under makeup" so to use it in the morning... but now I'm even more convinced that doctors just prescribe medicines to benefit the pharmaceutical companies and ok... so no spot treating. is it safe to use anything with salycilic (i know that is spelled horribly wrong!)
  9. Good luck mmaguy115!!! I hope that it will start to really kick in for you soon i really hope that I won't have an IB ... I've been on spironolactone for over 3 months now and am only spot treating with the differin ... i just hope it works!!
  10. I was on 50 mgs of spiro for about 3 months and just went back to my derm and he doubled my dosage to 100 mgs. i know that 50 is a relatively low dosage, but my skin had started to clear up some. ive been taking the 100 mgs for about 3 days now and already my face is starting to break out again!!! when i first started the spiro at 50, it broke up pretty bad for the first 2 months or so ... is that what I am about to experience again by doubling the dosage?? Did anyone else experience anything l
  11. Thanks guys! any other tips on differin and epiduo? Do they make you more sensitive to sunlight? Can I still use any over the counter stuff with salacylic acid? I asked my derm and all he said was "yeah you can go ahead and use all of those washes and stuff.." .... so not very helpful lol.
  12. So I have been taking spironolactone for about 3 months now. i have noticed an improvement in my acne, but my face is still breaking out. Today I went to the dermatologist and he doubled my dosage of the spiro from 50 mgs to 100mgs and also prescribed me Epiduo to use in the mornings and Differin to use at night before bed, My question is this: should I expect an initial breakout from the Epiduo and Differin???? I am supposed to go camping on the beach with my boyfriend NEXT week ... and obviou
  13. Well yeah, I mean I'm not drinking like a fish every time I go out, but I didn't know if it had something to do as well with spironolactone also lowering blood pressure?
  14. So ever since I started taking spiro about 3 months ago, I feel like my alcohol tolerance has gone wayyy down. For example, St. Patty's Day I had 2 beers (craft beers, so they were a little stronger, but still it was just beer!) and got so dizzy I couldn't hardly stand up. Has anyone else noticed that spiro affects your alcohol tolerance?
  15. Especially if your acne came back from switching up birth control ... it just means that its hormonal and while accutane may take care of it for the time being, it will come back. plus, you will have to go on BC again if you go on accutane.