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  1. youre so crude. the forums are there for people to talk about how they feel if you dont wana read then why click on them for ? lol
  2. Acne consumes your life, that is why you feel like life would be perfect without acne. Those people are being truthful. Looks do matter to an extent, but looks do not define a person. You will meet some people who realize that. Don't be so down on yourself. What is the reason you want to be free of acne? Do you wish to fit in with the others who seem to have clear skin? If so, then you're going to have to forget about what everyone else thinks. That is very difficult to achieve, but it is pos
  3. I've been using rosehip oil for about 3-4 weeks now. Not a DRAMATIC change its DEFINATELY doing some good. Myself and others have noticed that my scars aren't as red anymore. Just like any treatment you gotta give it some TIME.
  4. I'm pretty sure I have the same type as scarring as you.. unfortunately worse though -_- I've been using Rosehip Oil for a couple of weeks now. I reckon they are starting to fade! Not DRASTICALLY though but many people have told me that they too have noticed that the scars are not as pronouned or red. I've heard you've gotta use rosehip oil for a few months first to let it do its work as with any other treatment. I also a few weeks ago started the Vinegar and Lemon Regime. You can find more i
  5. A couple nights ago i found myself crying UNCONTROLLABLY over my horrible acne scars. Like crying nonstop for an hour! To the point where it was hard to breathe. Acne has crushed my confidence and self esteem to this point. Does acne effect you like this too?
  6. what you said is very beautiful and inspiring but i used to always totally agree with what you said. but now that i suffer from moderatley severe acne i cant help but not feel the same way. acne has crushed my confidence. how can i feel beautiful when i have disgusting spots all over my face and i can feel everyone that i talk to staring straight at them. :(
  7. people who dont have acne think I'm shallow when I say my life would be PERFECT if i were acne free. Saying "why do you care so much about your looks, its not that important" But when you suffer acne you know how confidence crushing it is when you wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror thinking how ugly you are. Its even worse when people tell you how youd be so pretty but "the acne"-_- im not being up myself but i think if i didnt have acne i would have a much better self es
  8. OMG! I have an asian mum and she says the EXACT same thing! Shes like... "what a waste of a face" -_- and shes goes on about how i should of listened to her skin care regime thingo with the only water thing. though i kinda wish i did... the product i first used aggravated my acne.. now im left with the horrible scars. damn shoulda listened to her.
  9. Is ACV more effective topically than normal White Vinegar??? Please reply ASAP thanks.
  10. Hey I've been suffering from moderately sever acne on my forehead and temples (fortunately not my cheecks) for one year now. At first I used products like Clearasel but found that they made it worse. Now I've been going for the whole home remedies and organic products approach to see if they will be more effective before I move onto antibiotics. I've found this product called Botani Skin Rescue Kit which is made from entirely natural and organic ingredient.. which I have verified (I'm very scar
  11. Swimming at the beach is great for your skin. The salt water is good for your skin, you can also try washing your face with warm, salty water. Which I think is much better than using harsh chemicals on your face Also, the sand at the beach is good for exfoliating your skin with... Just don't scrub too hard... might aggravate your pimples more