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  1. Hey!

    Congrats on your success with tane :)

  2. Hi guys Thanks to everyone for the "congratulations" I have no pictures to share, but I'll try to do a decent enough update. About a week after my course ended, I got a HUGE, I mean MONSTROUS pimple, which actually turned out to be two pimples side by side, right in my usual problem area beside my nose. After trying to ignore it for days on end, I just couldn't after a while anymore, because I wanted to go out that same weekend and I didn't want it on my face...so I squeezed. Remarkably, it
  3. How's the course going? I may not be on Accutane anymore but I still like hearing about the rest of you Update!
  4. Oh, forgot to mention...for months now I've been wondering what the heck the discolouration was about. As some of you may know, if you've been reading, I have lightening of the skin in alot of places especially where pimples begin to heal. Well, I always meant to ask the dermatologist and kept forgetting, but this time I remembered. She said it was normal...just part of the healing process. Some people's face get darker, others lighter, like mine. Nothing to worry about. That was good. Anyhoo...
  5. Hello everyone... I'M DONE WITH ACCUTANE I finished officially on Friday, Jan 22. after 4 months of 40mg daily. So, so happy. I tried loading some final pictures using imageshack like I usually do but the stupid thing kept identifying my webcam pics as videos and not pictures...so...I won't litter the page with pictures like I love to do. Went to the derm on Wed...or Thur...one of them, and she said that our next step is a glycolic peel at the end of April. Until then, she has prescribed
  6. Ah, Anderson Cooper. I don't care if he's gay (he's rumored to be, but he's not telling), he's still sexy and intellectual as all get out. I know about the gay rumours...I've even seen the pictures with him and his believed boyfriend...but I will refuse to believe it until I hear it from HIS lips with my own two ears.... And even if he is, I'm holding on to the hope that one day he'll wake up, not feel like being gay anymore (lol, as if it's just a feeling) and decide to marry me and
  7. People do that? ...actually, I don't even know what castor oil is but it sounds thick. Makes me think of Crisco, which, odds are, would make me break out. Lol, yes, some people use castor oil...as well as jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil etc etc. Bear in mind that unlike white hair which produces ridiculous amounts of oil (which is why you guys have to wash it so often when not on accutane), most black hair needs added moisturizers and oils to seal in that moisture. Our hair and
  8. 64? 2 months in? Yeah I think you'll be fine. I hope :) Oh...for the longest time I'd look at your pictures and say to myself "she looks like someone I know" but I just couldn't put my hand on it. Then it just occurred to me your eyes remind me of someone I knew in HS which was a while back. Lol...yes I know that is totally random but I just felt the need to let it out. :D
  9. We should form a "We want to gain weight" club. Except...I don't want to gain muscle and look tough and bad (slim built girl getting muscular is NOT cute). I actually want some fat on these bones.
  10. Hi Sara...when you were prescribed the medication did they specifically mention one in the morning and one at night or did you just decide that? I'm with Mallory in thinking that you can just take 2 at once if your dosage is 80 a day. Then again, ask the derm first, lol. I know when I got my 40 mgs prescription my doctor told me I could split 20 in the morning and 20 at night or just take them both at the same time which is what I do. Call the doctor
  11. Since I mentioned she was missing, I should probably also mention that my cousin in Haiti was found today. She is alive and well and though she's lost pretty much all her belongings including home, she is seemingly in good spirits. The family is quite happy. Nothing else to report. Same old clearness. Bleh.
  12. Hey, It just occurred to me that I've been meaning to give you a reply to something you asked in my log a couple days back re: cholesterol and my eating habits. I answered you there but just want to make sure you see it so I'll double here as well. I eat anything I feel like. You asked about meat...yes...I eat lots and lots of meat. Meat is in pretty much every meal. Pork, beef, chicken, fish, others that you probably wouldn't even know about. I eat salads with dinner but my fruit and veg. int
  13. Oh, how lucky. I guess it's different strokes for different folks because though I don't wear bangs, I know that if I use certain products in my hair, it makes my forehead break out. For example, I can almost guarantee that if I use castor oil on my hair my forehead will break out into tiny whiteheads. One less thing for you to worry about though, so that's good.
  14. Boy...don't I know ALL about this. I weigh next to nothing and have been actively trying since I was 14 (21 now) to gain weight ... no success just yet (unless I lift weights). I too tried coming off certain things like milk and PB and whatever else because it was believed to cause acne...but I decided I can LIVE with acne, as miserable as it is, I CANNOT afford to lose any weight or I will fizzle into mid air. I threw all concern over food out the window and eat any and everything I want.I say