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  1. I've been applying H&S and letting it stay on the skin during the day but it has left my skin very dry, kind of like when you get a sun tan, before the skin starts to flake.. is that normal? I've heard that some leave it on a few mins in the shower and then rinse it off but that didn't really have any affect on my bacne..
  2. Some say that scars can be improved if you use Retin-A over a long period of time, but there are 0,025% / 0,05% / 0,1% strenghts. Is 0,05% "enough"?
  3. For those who's had success with Retin A, which strength did you use and was it cream or gel?
  4. I'm gonna see if this could help with my large pores. Does anyone if any of these are good products? CLICK
  5. I've heard good stuff about almond and rice milk. Almond milk is more expensive though but you can make it yourself.
  6. I don't avoid it, but I feel pretty uncomfortable doing it. It sucks going swimming and seeing all these people with smooth flawless backs. One time my sister (who probably hadn't seen the scars before) was shocked and thought I had gotten major sun blisters. Whenever I ask people how bad it is they say "it's nothing, unnoticable".. yeah right.
  7. Though it ain't a prescription drug.. have you tried vitamin B5? It works for my oily skin.
  8. I like "multiman" vitamin, do you have that in the US?
  9. How many pimples are we talking about? I still had some active acne 1-2 months post-accutane. It was very mild though and got better after some time. I didn't like that I still had acne when my course ended, but it takes a while to get Accutane out of your system. If it's persistent, or should get worse then talk to your derm.
  10. I used to be like that with my glasses, but not so much anymore. But I dislike when people touch my face.. especially when I myself only touch my face while cleansing it and try hard to avoid touching it during the day. Plus, who knows where their hands have been?
  11. 1 week minus scarring and we have a deal, otherwise.. nah.
  12. Yeah, I can relate to that. It's quite a shock really the first time you see yourself in the mirror and all the imperfections are so apparent. The worst days are when you actually feel good about yourself ("this ain't so bad"), but then you put your contacts in and.. *beep*.
  13. Around 7 years. It's better today (thanks to Accutane) but it seems like it's starting to come back again.
  14. It's probably alright to drink a beer or two on occasion. I got drunk a few times myself and had no problems with it. But drink in moderation, avoid getting "shitfaced" and drink plenty of water for your livers sake.
  15. I'd recommend to just use a mild cleanser/moisturizer. Accutane is strong as it is and you shouldn't interfere with other acne products as your skin is very fragile atm.
  16. I've been thinking about trying this method. Is it possible to store the squished lemon juice, as it probably won't stay fresh for long? Seems like you have to buy a lot of new lemons doing this otherwise.
  17. Well, it's not that strange is it? It's looked downed upon in our society. If you're a guy wearing make-up (unless you're a movie/ or rockstar) people generally see you as feminine, or "gay". While that might suck, that's the way it is. I'm sure you could make it look like you're not wearing anything, but that's risky when you're unexperienced right? There's always the fear that someone finds out. Personally, as a guy, I see nothing wrong with wearing make-up when it comes to flaws that make y
  18. Nope, I never had any problems, but some people experience loose stool or headaches while adjusting to it. If that happens you could try take a lower doosage and make sure you always take it with food. Hair loss sounds extreme, never heard of that. My perception has always been that it is relatively safe.. unlike Accutane. We all react differently to things though. You can always stop if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  19. I guess that will be the last we'll hear from him. =)