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  1. I went soap shopping today. I looked at the neutrogena facial bar which said, "for acne prone skin" and it looked the same as the regular formula except it had more ingredients. I went ahead and got the regular formula. I then looked at the Dove beauty bars (I purchased one to use on my body). I noticed the sensitive skin version, but again it looked like it was the same as the regular version but with more ingredients (such as almond oil). I thought that sensitive skin or acne prone form
  2. My skin has cleared dramatically in the past two weeks. I am about 99% clear today. I have only changed three things: significantly decreased BP applications, began using SA cleanser twice a week, and switched from a Neutrogena facial bar to the Clearasil Daily Face wash. Like usually, I have been cleaning my face only once a day (I dont ever have time in the morning). I initially suspected the SA, but I have used it in the past with lesser results (everyday, not twice a week like now). So
  3. I have noticed that many people are refering to glycerin as a cleanser, but I want to determine if this is correct. I notice the neutrogean facial cleansing bar has glycerin as the fourth ingredient. It seems wierd, because it is advertised as a cleansing bar with glycerin, but it contains greater amounts of traditional cleansers such as sodium tallowate. I looked up glycerin here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerin
  4. Not all tap water is hard. Many places start out with good water, but I live in an area with hard tap water. When I lived with my parents we had a water softener, but the dorms at my university do not have one. It might be a coincidence, but I have noticed that a lot of the other guys in my dorm have acne also. I am suprised you guys dont know what hard water is. Here is a link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_softener
  5. Did you get it out yet? I probably would have had a doctor look at it.
  6. I notice my skin always gets worse when I am at my school which has hard water. Is there anything extra that should be done while washing in hard water?
  7. From my experience, bp bleaches cotton, but many synthetic fabrics like polyester do not get bleached.
  8. I have been doing Dan's regimen for a while. 2 weeks ago I decided to start using a SA cleanser twice a week. I add BP after all of my showers, except when I use the SA cleanser I skip the BP. My skin has improved so far. I had tried using SA daily in the past, but my results were not as good. Maybe SA works better when it is used less because the skin does not get overly dry and irrated. Has anyone else had similar experiences? My acne seems to naturally cycle through periods of improvem
  9. It turned cold so today I wore a wool ski mask. It caused my face to itch very slightly. Do you think this will cause acne, or should I continue to wear it?
  10. I have always only washed my face once a day because I read acne was not caused by not washing. I have recently noticed that when I skip a day of washing my acne gets worse (I still applied BP). So now I think the "acne is not helped by washing" thing may be somewhat of a myth. So my question is: should I start washing my face twice a day instead of only once?