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  1. hey, i finished my course of accutane on tuesday july 14th. is it okay to drink in excess now? ya ya i know its "never" okay to drink in excess. but its my birthday saturday and i want to make sure ive got the green light to get wasted.
  2. i took sotret for the first few months and i wasnt as dry as my doctor liked me to be and my acne wasnt making any improvements. she switched me over to the name brand accutane and my face cleared up pretty fast. im not sure whether time was the important factor or me switching to accutane but ive stuck with accutane and now im completely clear
  3. Day 165 i think woww i havent been on this in soo long!! sorry to whoever actually read this ive been really caught up in school and with my friends that i havent thought of updating this. my face is soooo clear compared to all of these past pictures i cant believe it! I still have a few small pimples but absolutely nothing compared to the last time i took pictures. Honestly, so far taking accutane has been one of the best decisions of my life. after everything ive been through with acne pre a
  4. wow your skin has made amazing improvements within the month! good luck on the rest of your course
  5. hey from what i could make out in your pictures it looks like yours skins getting smoother! congratulations on a small victory in this long overdue battle i hope everything continues to get better for you and im excited to see how those redmark treatments work out. keep us posted!
  6. Day 74 bah i havent written on this thing in days. its really cool being able to come back and physically see how my acne was 15 days ago because i feel like i havent been making any improvements. well, i have been! im still getting small pimples but they arent very bothersome. i think my body is just reacting very slowly to the medication. i havent noticed any mood shifts at all during my course. the most noticable side effect is dry eyes. i have them everyday and i always keep eye drops and b
  7. Month 3 Week 1 Right Face: Left Face: Smiling Face: Left Chin: Right Chin:
  8. Day 59 Hey havent bothered to update this, the updates would be pointless. My acne is getting better, yes, but verrryyy slowly. I have less pimples but the redmarks are still there and i am still getting new pimples, but they are a lot smaller and less stubborn than the old ones. also, do not pick your pimples! i picked one cause it was right under my eye but all it did was spread and there was still a mark. ive had terrible stomach aches the past 2 days i dont know what it is from but i couldnt
  9. Day 51 wow already 51 days into it. my skin is lookin better, i havent gotten any new pimples in the past few days. skin feels muuuch smoother. still have red marks from ib.
  10. Day 48 hey thought i would update this. my skin isnt making any dramatic improvements. my initial breakout is healing pretty well, i am still getting new pimples though, mostly on my forehead. my back hurts when i work out. sort of a sharp pain, it feels like my spine is being depressed so im always resting it. joints arent doing the best but its not horrible by any standards. just living life trying not to pay attention to my acne or my side effects. all is well
  11. at the gym today, some guy came up to me and suggested that i take accutane. wierd.
  12. Day 44 hey sam its always cool to have people that i can relate to, thanks for sharing. last night i went to a huge "valentines" party, it was awesome and i ended up drinking i wasnt as drunk as i thought i should be so i just stopped drinking when i thought i had enough, probably around 6 cup fulls of beer. later on in the night i didnt feel drunk at all, just really awake lol. anyway today i woke up late, didnt have a hangover and ive been drinking a bunch of water and eating well just to g
  13. hey, im currently taking 60 mg of accutane a day in the form of 3 20mg pills. in the beginning of my treatment my doctor told me to take one pill morning and 2 pills evening. i often forget the evening pills, im always out doing stuff. im in my second month of the course and i asked my derm if i could just take all 3 pills at once in the morning. she said it would be fine, the only reason they spread the dosage is to get a more even distribution throughout my body. soo now im taking 3 pills ever