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  1. Here's a picture of me that i took today ( The second one ) and me from November 13th 2008. (1st one) after quitting AHA+ usage and lowering bp down to 1 full pump 2 times a day, i have seen substantial results. This is the clearest i've ever been these 4 years. Removing Aha and lowering bp was my last step in this regimen before quitting, but amazingly it worked and now i'm sticking to it.
  2. Well thanks, hopefully a load of moisturizing will help.
  3. mhm, i've tried that before, but get pimples a lot more. I guess i'll just stick to 1 and work my way up to 2 in a matter of 3 more months. I'm just going to moisturize like mad. This is what i've started to do right now. Morning: Dan's Cleanser or Obagi Gentle cleanser Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide Olay Complete (Sensitive Skin) in 3 hours take a piece of paper, gently dab to get rid of shine/sweat, then reapply moisturizer. Repeated 1 more times in 3 more hours. Night: Dan's Cleanser or Obagi Gen
  4. Hey all, ive been using the acne.org regimen for about 3 months now and i'm still not clear. After the recent breakout 1-2 weeks ago, by skin has been clearer since then. Ever since i had started the regimen, i started out with 1 full pump 2 times a day. As i got to my 4th week i quickly jumped into the 2 full pumps. Everytime i finish putting on benzoyl peroxide, it feels as though my skin feels tightened as though there is a layer of plastic on it, it eventually goes away when adding on a mo
  5. So yeah, i stopped using AHA+. After a few days of the weekend my face was getting clearer. I started getting a breakout under my neck thereafter. I started noticing me have a bunch of breaouts after the 2 week break from school. My mom says its because i get good sleep thats why i didn't get any pimples during my 2 weeks. When it started to get cold and rain i started to wear a lot of jackets/sweaters which i do zip all the way up to my chin. Like macuis says, i think im getting breakouts
  6. I started adding Jojoba oil on my first month. I didn't see any breakouts from using jojoba oil. During my Month and a half i started using Aha. I had a tiny breakout of maybe 3 pimples. Then it started clearing up. My old scars and dark spots were fading away when i started using AHA. Then somehow i started seeing clogged pores under my neck and a few on my right cheek. I didn't touch them. I thought i shouldn't use AHA+ on my neck anymore since i might be clogging my pores or something. So i s
  7. oh my god, that happened to me on my 1st month. I think i ate something or am allergic to something. I started having a rash all over my body. I mean it was so intense that i couldn't sleep at night because of it. It made me so itchy i had to scratch it, then later on noticing that my skin is ripping apart. Showering 2 times a day + itch cream didn't work..
  8. :[ But i did heard from a bunch of people saying that after the 2nd month, breakouts will be greatly minimized and that's when the real visual clearing begins. I'll give it 1 more month, if it doesn't work i'll go see a dermatologist. I've used like $150 on these products so far... Yeah, its very strange indeed. How can i breakout 3 places at the same time? Wierd. Everytime i pop a whitehead and dab some neosporin, it tends to go away in a matter of ours. Now its been 1-2 days and everyti
  9. No, i am not allergic to any foods.
  10. Hey guys. I've been using Dan's regimen for about 8 weeks now. I usually get pimples here and there, predominantly on my right side of the face. Somehow this is the worst breakout i ever had. The last time i checked under my neck i had no clogged pores that were visible. Somehow i had at least 15 pimples that emerged out of nowhere this week. On my right side of the face at least 10 more. on my chin 4. Somehow my left cheek has no pimples along with my forehead along with the back of my ears.
  11. I've been on the regimen for about 7 weeks now. Right after the 5th week i had a week without pimples at all. Though i can see cloged pores that were still on my skin. Strangely the 7th week, all the clogged pores i saw are beginning to surface and become whiteheads. There are some whiteheads that come out from nowhere too. I currently use 2 Full Pumps of BP, My skin is fairly dry, I use enough moisturizer mixed with jojoba. Wash face 2x a day and never touch it. Is it possible that i am stil
  12. So i've been using the 3 16 oz bottles of Dan's for around 1 month now. I just ordered Jojoba Oil, AHA+, 16oz Treatment(Mine is running low since i have neck acne). My face looks a whole lot better now. Im asian guy and just found out theres a white girl who likes me!! :] Im very happy right now even though i have a fever. So yeah, anyways. Since i'll be switching to Dan's AHA+ soon, does that mean the next time i order, i wont need to order his moisturizer? I would only need Cleanser,Treatme
  13. Yeah, i usually had like cloged pores since freshman year in highschool. Now im a senior and i started to want clear skin. So i took a leap. So far it cleared all the visual clogged pores on my forehead and left cheek. I haven't had a pimple on my left cheek since the day i started the regimen. Also, my forehead has gotten to the point where ance can't be seen anymore. As for the right side of my face along with chin area that extends right side, its been getting a like 5 white heads. So, i wo
  14. Allright, ill try and be more patient. But does AHA+ help with the clearing? Since i can use it now, im not sure what to do..
  15. Yes i am using 2 full pumps. I only get white heads now. Will this end?!?
  16. Hey one and all. I have a major question i need to ask.. I've been on the regimen since November 13th, 2008 and im still getting pimples. Is it possible im still on the purging phase? Cause all the pimples i get now are from the spots i usually get when i didn't use the regimen. Also, about which weeks do people usually stop breaking out? I really want to stop having these acne coming out on my face out of nowhere. Since its been well over a month, should i switch my night time moisturizer wi