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  1. They're not dead skin, but caused by dead skin or extreme irritation. It may not be a pimple yet but might become one. Exfoliating dead skin cells from your face may help stop and prevent this. Do you currently use AHA? What kind of products are you currently using on your skin?
  2. You can try buying a few bottles and using only a little during those 40 days. I actually came back from a vacation in Asia during summer, I went around and found a convinence store that sold benzoyl peroxide. I guess it's all depending on how lucky you get because that was the only convince store in he whole city. What you can try though is maybe go to one of those pharmacies andsee if they sell benzoyl peroxide, if they sell various products thn it's worth a shot.
  3. Thanks a lot brandyy. Read the whole thing, I will not be using anything else from proactiv besides their benzoyl peroxide, though the smell nauseates me terribly. I was using their cleanser twice a week but then my skin got so sensitive and itchy evertime I used it. It said cleanse for 1-2 minutes so I did. Terrible brand if you'd ask me.
  4. ^agrees with above poster. Too many oils, anything with lots of fragrance is bad. Only trust Dans jojoba oil and the Dessert Essence brand. Try and look for a 100% jojoba oil, if not spot tesrlt with that Orr a few weeks if you can't return it.
  5. Make 1 nickle and 1 half nickle sizes. it should equal to a full pump. Just put it on your palm and see if it's the same amount as what you've been doing. It's safer to use less than what you think because if you accidentally put too much you'll be risking irritation.
  6. You shouldn't be trying to pop it at all, it'll just irritate other parts near it more. What you can do is buy a exfoliant , use it once or twice a week. Make sure you mousturize as well, removing dead skin cells should help.
  7. Or you can put some normal lip palm with a coat of jojoba over it when you go to bed.
  8. Is this safe to use? I have three full bottles of benzoyl peroxide I currently use from proactiv since I ran out of dans bp. Found two bottles of toner and it says that it hydrates the skin and removes excess oils so it sonde pretty good if you'd ask me. Then again... I heard people didn't really like toners because it breaks them out. Anyone ever uses this and haven't had problem? I'm having success with Proactiv's BP so I'm kind of afraid to put in a toner, though my skin is dry and it sho
  9. I heard oils were bad for your face wince it could clog pores. My 16oz Cetaphil bottle says it's non-comedogenic but it contails Macadamia Pil. Isn't this suppose to be bad, or is it some form to lock in hydration like that of jojoba oil? I never broke out from it or anything, but this seemed interesting to me so I brought it up. >: D
  10. Hey, I know that Daniel Kern recommends Olay and Eucerin SPF during the morning we're going places which works well. I still have a few bottled of the original Olay SPF 15 zinc oxide. The only thing I found to not like about SPF lotions are that they do not moisturize that well on skin. I was wondering if it may be possible to use Olay in the morning to go to school, go home and apply a different lotion that is more hydrating over it such as cetaphil. Would that be possible? To me, I doubt a
  11. They dissapear over time, what you can do to help is keep doing your regimen precisisly and if it's been over a month, start using alpha hydroxy as a nighttime moisturizer, it will fade your scars away within a week or so. You'll notice it. Don't try putting lemons or anything in attemp to lighten it, it will just sting and break you out even more. Keep your head up less stress equal reduced acne. -Thanh
  12. I doubt he said he had any jojoba oil. He only has a moisurizer that contains it so the drops may vary. What you can do if reapply the moisurizer every two hours or so, just make sure your being very gentle. What I do is blot a little before reapplying. It should reduce your flakes. If your currently on full dosage, stay at it, the flakes should go away soon, if you just began or is not at full dosage, don't increase your dosage for about a week or until the flakes subside. Gud Luck.
  13. I take about 3-4 1000mg tablets a day. Sometimes with zinc and vitamin C. It's helping a lot, just don't try to take too much or it can be bad for you.
  14. Well that's a very good question to bring up. I have used many brands of omega 3 fish oil before, some 1000mg others around 1200. Randomly some say take once a day, while others are fine with 3. If I were you, the safe side would be not exceeding 6 pills a day. Just don't try any of thoese mixed 3-6-9 omega craps. Our body is low on 3's, not much of 6 and 9's. Also make sure to take some zinc 15-50mg.
  15. I got this too. It was when I used jojoba oil alone though. What I did was reduce the amount I used, and added it to cetaphil moisturizer instead of it alone. It was easier to apply when cetaphil had 6-7 good drops of this stuff. I had that itch on my face too, soon it started to come out a big whitehea on all the places I remembered that itched. Good luck!
  16. Yep it's true, you don't have to buy his products, but I recommend it. I've tried Neutrogena On-the-Spot, Proactiv BP, Epiduo, Dans BP. The best one I found that works best and is the cheapest would be dans benzoyl peroxide. Epiduo costed me over $100 for a 45g tube and neutrogena comes in too small of a size anddoes not properly fit the amount you need to use for this regimen. Proactiv works well but the smell isn't liked if your a guy like me. $35 for a 16oz bottle of bp, that's
  17. Most likely your getting another purge of clogged pores. It's important to use it morning and night that's why someone told you to do it, but I recommend you use only 1/2 of what you've been using at night for your morning regimen. It will get better after that breakout and hopefully not worst after.
  18. Haha I actually had the same problem started off with 1 full pump which totally messed me up. Started over with half pump for 2 weeks and seen great improvement. Waiting until the skin no longer dries from half a pump until I jump to 1 full pump. How much you use when you start and how long you wait until increasing playa a large role in this regimen.
  19. I had very sensitive skin so it purged me for about a good 4 weeks, increased the amount to 1 full pump and had another week of purging. Everytime you increase there should be a mild breakout until you reach the full amount and your face no longer dries out from the BP. Hopefully you don't have skin like me that gets irritated to everything. Good luck with your purge! Try not to pop anything
  20. Buying it or not, it's your decision to make. Though I am sure it will benefit you somewhat. I've had acne for about 4 years the regimen actually got rid of all my forehead acne and the left side of my face. I stopped for 2 months be because it was so drying and started to get breakouts soon after. I found out that my forehead and left side of my face was the only real areas that got used to he benzoyl peroxide. This is why using a small amount until it's not so drying and gradually increase i
  21. Okay I think the complex 15 is my next upcomming moisturizer. Very very good reviews. I saw some reviews on th cetaphil and people said it is actually bad if you use too much and feels like putting peanut butter on your face which made me laugh. So so greasy... Ew.
  22. Wowowow thank you so much realme!! I have never found this page thanks so much!!!! Going to try them all and see which works well with my skin.
  23. Hey, been using cetaphil for quite awhile, I usethr 16 oz bottle for all skil types an is non comedogenic. Sometimes it feels so hard to put on, because it feels so thick and greasy. During half the day my skin feels so greasy and oily I blotmy fac but it feels so sensitive. I think Cetaphl isn't for me. Does anyone know a moisturizer for all skin types that isn't so thick and asorbs fast. I need one that's as good at hydrating the skin as cetaphil.
  24. I didn't know proactiv had a moisturizer, is it the green tea extract one? I'd say your better off with a gentle cleanser, dan's bp, and something more moisturizing like cetaphil which to me wouldn't be taken the best because it sometimes get very greasy. If you cannot get dans bp then try buying neotrogena on the spot from a nearby store. I would go for NOTS though because it's very expensive for such a small amount. I currently ran outof benzoyl peroxide and is using the bp from proactiv as
  25. The more variables you add into your regimen does not exactly mean it will help. Mos variables usually means more irritation. Though if you so fussed up and want to use BHA the best one that comes to my mind would be paula's choice 1-2% BHA. It comes in gel and liquid, as much as you like to buy the gel, it's nothing like dans gel, this one takes over 30 minutes to asorb. Go for the 2% liquid or lower if you have vey sensitive skin. I repeat again, I do not recommend adding in more variables,