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  1. Jojoba oil is a wax, that's what makes it non comedogenic. The people who says jojoba oil doesn't work are probably allergic to it, either that or they starte using it right before their regimen breakout and think it's the jojoba oil and not because of a coincidence. Try a person who's been on the regimen for 6 months that's clear who never used jojoba to start using it, it would be A OK as long as they don't misuse the wax.
  2. Don't ever use 10% BP again. That's like 3x the dryness and irritation of a 2.5% BP which is proven to work as well as anything higher. Acne is caused by pores being clogged, irritation plays a big role in that as well. 2.5% will not irritate that much, many find this amount already excessive so 10% isn't the best number to start with, especially for a gentle regimen like this. Try and grab your hands on some 2.5% gel, wait longer than 5 minutes after BP is applied, around 10-15 should be wh
  3. This might lead to accutane? Too bad it's expensive.
  4. Ops my bad, I read an article on a site that said jojoba oil was the closest thing to human sebum, there was also talks about tea tree oil and I probably got it all mixed matched up. But yeah, tea tree oil is antibacterial which is also good. Use it later into the regimen though since it could be harsh for the skin like what cest la vigne said.
  5. Take half of his side and half of the box, Go with 2 times a day lOl Just don't go over 50mg of zinc.
  6. Blah... Sorry I didn't help you answer some of your questions sooner, just got back from work. Well tenenbaum, Complex 15 is actually a pretty good moisturizer but. Nothing beats a whoping 16oz bottle of cetaphil moisturizing lotion. It's cheaper for double the 8oz . Try and mix some jojoba oil with it, it will be easier to apply. I doubt there would be any need for complex 15, using one kind of moisturizer would be the best way to go. Did I mention how good Cetaphil is? Huh? Lol. The hosp
  7. Jojoba oil and tree oil is the two closest thing to human sebum, it has a antibacterial property which is very benificial to any type of acne. I wouldn't use it alone though, but if you were planning to make sure you only use a thin coat. Mixing it with a moisturizer would be great.
  8. Heck no. Salicylic acid is not as strong as benzoyl peroxide even it it was at it's highest which is 2%. Toners are not very benificial for acne prone skin, most people say they breakout from toners, I am one of those people as well. Didn't you fully understand this regimen? You need to let the product, give up to 2-3 months to show progress. Stick to a gentle cleanser, bp, and a good moisturizer like cetaphil. Using some jojoba oil should be even better. If your running out, bub Neutrogena
  9. You use AHA in the place of your moisturizer. It takes some people a long time to work up to 2 full pumps. Dan says to increase it every week, but for thosewho aren't ready can prolong it. If your getting a lot of dryness at 1 full pump than continue doing 1 pump until your skin gets more accustomed to it. Maybe increase it by 1/4 more in two weeks to a month. There are people who takes up to 4-6 months to adjust up the full dosage. If you go too fast you might have the risk of starting it a
  10. Yessir. i wait more on the 20 minutes side to fully let the skin soak up the moisture. Whatever moisturizer or jojoba left on your face and isnt going to be absorb should be gently blotted off. Afterwards put a thin layer of Olay 15 or some other SPF you use. Make sure t be care.
  11. i lost about 15 good T shirts i bought for $30 each. What a bummer, oh well. Not to mention like 20 Towels.
  12. One to One 1/2 weeks to get shipped there. Luckily youll get it sooner. A 8oz will last about 2.2 months if just started, if your already on the full dosage which i am sure your not, i would last as long as 5-6 Neutrogena on the spot, which is about a month.
  13. @ wordisbarn Redness is an issue all of us face when starting the regimen, if your on the full amount then it should take a few more weeks for the redness to decrease. Some say the redness takes as long as 2-3 months to lighten up. What you can do at the moment is be gentle with your skin when applying products. Drink lots of water and avoid too much heat. @Eternallyhis Since it's been 5 weeks you should be on the full dosage which means your skin starte to adjust to the new bp amount. Sin
  14. Sauer, If you don't have AHA at home then I glguess you should give it a spot test. The reason why I asked about because of the glycolic and other ingredients in it as well. People say toners are bad though, I just started my regimen all over so I don't want to risk adding in an extra variable while already having dry skin. If you do decide to spot tes it or use it, let me know how it works so I can also give it a try.
  15. Seems OK something I wouldn't risk using or recommend though. If it's not labled non-comedogenic than do not proceed any further into using it.
  16. Dan's moisturizer was made mainly to tackle flakes and dry skin. Mostly to be used at night and in the morning if your not going outside. He recommends us Olay SPF 15 which is no longer recommended when they made an ingredient change. AHA takes off 3 SPF from your skin due to it's exfoliation. BP on the other hand, has a stronger sensitivity to sunlight. The rim of my lips are dark due to BP, I was too lazy to put on suncreen some months back when I started the regimen. What you should do i
  17. Ultra hydrating lotion? I was one under the Cetaphil brandat wallgreens but it didn't say non comedogenic. Is yours non-comedogenic?
  18. Wow reading that scared me. Sounds like you got K.O.'d by the regimen.
  19. ^ lols BP is short for Benzoyl Peroxide which is a 2.5% used in the Treatement. I read and it says that she uses soap>cleanser>treatment? Can you be a little more clear? You barely even talked about the amount of treatment she was applying as well as the moisturizer she uses afterwards. Also, I'm not sure if you wrote it correctly but why does she soap and cleanser the same time? That would irritate the heck out of her skin. Does she have any dryness issues. Please make it clear for u
  20. Go to a nearby store a grab a small amount of moisturizer while you wait. Your saying the moisturizers are too oily yet your throwng a bunch of oils on there. I doubt that would hydrate much. Might even clog pores since I've never heard of pornance oil.
  21. Don't know about face, but I know a body wash that gets rid of b.acne within a week or two, just make sure you moisturize. It's called Likas Papya Soap. Kind of whitens the skin to your natual skin color over a long term use.
  22. ^ Agreed, Soap is likely to cause a ton of breakouts, even said by Dan. Drink Water water water AQUA!!
  23. Cleanser: Obagi Gentle Cleanser [Gentle = KEY] Benzoyl Peroxide: Proactiv 2.5% Switching to Dan's BP again soon. Moisturizer: Cetaphil + 8 drops of Jojoba, 2-3/week at night AHA+. Gently glide the face, Pat dry, wait 5-10 mins after wash/Shower. 10-15 after BP. Timing is the key as well.
  24. Seems OK. Is it non-comedogenic? What are the ingredients?