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  1. If your 100% sure jojoba oil is the thing that causes your face to turn red, then i suggest you stop using it. Maybe try Tea Tree Oil. If not, use jojoba on another body part, see if it turns red.
  2. i use Aveeno Positively Radiant and The Tinted Light to Fair. All Natural, non comedogenic, should feel good and matte once you put it on. It's SPF 30, i recommend the tinted ones, a great substitute for makeup, especially for a guy like me who wants to cover up acne marks.
  3. Use the Cetaphil Gentel Cleanser. Use for about 30 seconds messaging the face. Why not under 10 seconds? It's amazingly gentle so under a minute is still GOOD.
  4. Hi! I Started the Regimen over again since early September so it should be about 4 months now. During the first 2 months, my face went from better to worst then to better, etc. 3rd month i started off 2 full pumps which didn't dry my skin so much, eventually it started to dry a lot more. Now a punch of dead skin shows after i cleanse my face and wait to dry. I now lowered back to 1 full pump twice a day. My White heads are a lot smaller and in fewer amounts then when i started the regimen.
  5. Congrats it's a lot better, Cheap!! Well not really cheap with the dang shipping haha..
  6. Well I guess it all depends on how you use it. I had bad luck win it a year ago and slowly picked up this year. Noticed that it was just a purge since jojoba oil goes down into pores and unclogs them by mixing with sebum oils. This will lead to white heads so during he first one to two months you might think jojoba oil is breaking you out.
  7. Thanh


    You should decrease your BP amount a little to get it stable. Maybe use a Cetaphil moisturizer if you haven't already. I use Cetaphil and Dans moisturizer on and off. I would say Cetaphil is about 2/5th times better than dans. Too bad it feels like micro oatmeal.
  8. So I've been on he regimen for almost 3 months now. My face has cleared all of the clogged pores but still a few pimples here and there. Before the regimen my neck had like 1 pimple evey month, I decided to use BP for my neck and the first month it was fine. At the beginning of the 2nd however my neck was so dry and all sorts of clogged and inflamed pores came. My neck now feels like a pizza crust right after I wash it and wait 10 minutes. Should I stop using BP on my neck? Why is it so damn
  9. Yea it stings and makes my eye red, doesn't water though. Before this I've used proactiv BP and has no problems. Where I put BP is pretty close to my eyes so that miht be it. Try using some clear eyes and move a little more away from your thin layer of skin.
  10. I've tried the erthomycin alcohol prescribed by my derma. Didn't do much except dried my skin out and made it all itchy. My derma said try it for 6 months. I laughed hard and quit after a week. That's when I found out about acne.org
  11. Same here bro, took me 2 and a half months to see good results. My scars are 3/4s gone and only have a few pimples left. My Chin finally has cleared along with my neck partially. Tell your mom to let you try it for 2 more months, if it still doesn't work you can quit.
  12. Nah, it's after i wash my face. i can see a bunch of visible dead skin cells in the mustache and beard areas. Also the small piece of skin under my nose, i guess those are the most sensitive areas on my skin. The baby brush method looks OK, though i've already tried Jojoba oil, everything i put it on it tends to make my skin feel irritated and heavy. Though when mixing it with a moisturizer or AHA it feels fine. I'm still only on 1 full pump of BP, its been too months and its still too much
  13. if you put wax over your face like that and wipe it off or wash it, would BP still absorb the same?
  14. While on the regimen, many users like myself tend to have dead skin that feels and flakes all over the face. These are usually seen after cleansing and waiting about 5 minutes. The Face gets tight and there are dead skin. What do i do? Since dead skin cells is supposed to clog pores, do i try and remove it? when i use my nail to try and scratch it off, it gets itchy, when i wake up there is usually a breakout or a big ol pimple. Should i just leave it alone even if the skin feels dry as h
  15. What are the CONs about not washin your face twice a day? I'm on a college break so I'm usually at home, the only time I do the regimen is once a night. So far three months into the regimen everything has cleared except for my chin and neck. I was wondering would not washing your face in the morning be a bad thin to do? How? I'm always afraid that if I apply two times a day my face would extremely dry since I still flake a little with 1 full pump. Would it be best if I stick to once a day o
  16. Trying to make this a simple and fast question. Background: I've done the regimen a year ago, stopped because it thought it rew out of acne. Used AHA 8 months ago when I was nearly clear, at first it itched and stung so badly. I used it all the way until about near the end of summer where my acne came back and AHA didn't seem to take care of any longer. I Re-started the regimen 3 weeks ago. Was wondering if since I used AHA a whole lot to he point where it's one of he only products that doe
  17. Thanh


    I wouldn't if I were you. If will irritatethat part of the skin and the acne from below would slowly rise up into a white head. Be safe and wait till your at least one month into the regimen.
  18. Use it instead of a moisturizer two to three times a week. You do not need to mix any jojoba oil with it.
  19. Yea that seems wierd. Cut down on other products that might be too much for the skin. Since your on proactiv using more BP is out of the question because your only given a very limited amount.
  20. I doubt the breakout is from benzoyl peroxide, especially if it was Dans. After 18 years I think it's only a coincidence that it happened. Maybe use bp one a day and see if it really is the problem. During the meantime you should try mild thugs for your skin. Try moisturzing it a little more. I developed a mild rash one and it was from bp, soon turned a whole chink of my skin white. It was really dry that's why. So I recommend putting lotion onthat area.
  21. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser would be two of the most non drying Cleansers there are. Cetaphil Moisturizer would be the best hydrating lotion i've seen by far.
  22. It is quite important to moisturize for new regimen users who gets dry skin from benzoyl peroxide. If you don't moisturize there might be a little irritation which might lead to more acne. I use a cetaphil moisturizer, recently stopped using jojoba oil cause it makes my skin so oily. Just use it and stay out of the sun, if you do use a sunscreen and bring some napkins or blotting sheets to gently dab the oils off. Personally I don't use the sunscreen because it makes my inflamed acne a lot mo
  23. Yea, be gentle as possible. Do not rub or be rough when washing and drying. I no longer like Olay, used it last year and started again, I still have like 4 bottles full of the zinc oxide one. It takes about a week or two to get used to it for it to stop breaking you out. If you don't run into this problem then find what makes your skin breakout or red.
  24. No, you are not allergic to benzoyl peroxide. As long as your skin does not get swollen and painful then it should be doing it's job. The side effects of benzoyl peroxide is dry, red, itchy skin. As you gt further on into the regimen your skin will be less likely to itch becuase it can tolerate BP a lot more. Just continue it with a moisturizer. Two times a day, don't skip once. The itch would make you want to scratch the heck out of your face but just say to yourself that you doing this for
  25. Well proactiv just isn't as effective anymore. Do you still use the same amount on the third step as what you have been in previous years? How often did you used to use the toner? Are you possibly taking too long on step 1? This may aggitate skin since a cleanser should not take 1-2 minutes to cleanse. I'd say reduce your toner usage to once a day, take less time cleansing. Hopefully youll see progress.