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  1. Yeah, the jojoba oil is really something, i want to try the dessert essence one to see if they are the same, but since it's free shipping i'm going to have to go with Dan's for the time being. I found the free shipping option a few days ago, thanks a lot.
  2. i doubt it loses effect. i've been using it for two years and it still takes care of dry skin and dark spots just like the first time i've gotten it.
  3. use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion with a few drops of jojoba. without jojoba it might be sticky for some people. It's by far the best lotion I've ever used.
  4. Make sure your only gently gliding over the skin, don't press down.
  5. Scented moisturizers aren't the best. i hear scent has ingredients that irritates the skin. If you've been on the regimen for awhile, but started burning when using this product, i suggest stop the use of this product.
  6. either that or he/she convinced his/her mom to buy it the first month, but the parent does not seem to see results, so is hesitant to buy it again.
  7. it took me 4 weeks for the dryness to subside, but i've only gotten redness in the first 2 weeks.
  8. Antioxidants are good for you, but people with acne, it will increase pimple number's because it is cleaning up some parts of the skin by killing bacteria. I've tried Green Tea for an entire month which broke me up real bad, but i kept drinking them and eventually got even less acne. This isn't green tea as in vitamin water or lipton green tea, they're real green tea bags with lots of antoix.
  9. your not supposed to put moisturizer mixed with bp.. just do it fast but gently.
  10. Ok dude. Use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturizer. It's probably the most gentle cleanser you can find. It does the job good too. For the moisturizer, make sure you mix some jojoba oil when applying it at night. If you use jojoba during the day, it may seem as though your face has been damped in oil.
  11. It must be fresher than the ones you've used or stronger. maybe leave it opened for 10 minutes. idk.
  12. That's True, Dan's cleanser is good, and has this nice smell i always expected a cleanser would smell like. Your face is like my size, idk though, 2 pumps is enough for face and neck for me.
  13. Penetrates skin and hair follices rapidly to reduce water loss Reduce wrinkles and stretch marks Cleans clogged pores and restores skin's natural pH balance Lighten skin marks and scars Hypoallergenic Antibacterial, treats sores, cuts, bruises and burns and helps heal scars. Cleansing Oils Moisturizes without leaving residue. Lip Conditioner.
  14. So i was about to order Dan's BP with Jojoba Oil but when i go to checkout it shows the shipping. There isn't no options for Free Shipping. Can someone guild me with that part?
  15. 5% will dry out your skin a lot more than 2.5%. Also the Irritation level is about 40% more than that of a 2.5%. Are you using SPF30 when going out into the sun? If Sun is not the case, than that is just your dead skin cells drying up and will be eventually washed away.
  16. Your Face must be the size of a watermelon. Two Pumps is enough for the entire Face + Neck, unless your trying to smack it on there like peanut butter or something. It doesn't have to be heavy, only a nice thin layer of cleanser is enough to cleanse the skin. But i do admit your right on one thing, and it's the part where dan's cleanser does a better job in removing oils and is convenient.
  17. What you explained is Dan's Regimen lols.. Except the Toner that is, i won't recommend one unless you know what you're doing. As for whipping the face, bring a towel along with you if your going to the gym. Gently pat your face would be less irritating than using the back of your hands by a long shot. Keep being gentle with the skin, less irritation is the key. Wash, Treat, Moisturize, and clear up.
  18. i wouldn't use water only since that doesn't remove everything as in dirt and oils. If you want to use a cleanser as gentle as water, id say use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. It's probably the most gentle cleanser on the market. It removes everything completely from your skin so it feels refreshed. Good luck with your progress, hope to hear more from you.
  19. It's True. I went out to buy Neutrogena OTS because my Dan's BP was running low. It was buy one get one 50% off, so i grabbed another. Each only last less than a week, while Dan's can go up to 3 months for more than half the price. I don't know why your crying about it, if you don't want outrageous shipping, buy neutrogena or something. It's expensive, and i bet you'll jump right back to Dan's BP.
  20. Thanks for the reply brandy. i've been using a tinted moisturizer, and it gave me a bunch of acne and itched my skin. I actually went out and bought Almay Smart Shade Light/Medium before reading your post. Also i added in a Almay tlc Truly lasting color foundation for the entire face, i hope it works. Neutrogena On The Spot was on sale for buy one get one 50% off, having done so, i feel so happy that Dan has his own Quantity/Quality BP. i swear, i cannot afford OTS for over a year. Thank y
  21. 5th month into the regimen, Cheeks cleared, Forehead cleared, neck cleared. I've had a little trouble with the chin since im not consistent in the regimen. Anyway, right to the point. I've started using this moisturizer called Aveeno positively radiant medium tint SPF 30. it's natural and is light coverage, so a guy light me does not need to put on make-up due to bad acne marks. The thing is, every time i put this on, it seems to cause me extreme irritation i can feel, not those irritations
  22. It's been 5 months, i use 2 full pumps including neck.
  23. Thanks a lot, i think i teared the #*$$ out of my face then lols. No wonder i got a bunch of random irritation on my chin and bam 6 pimples came out there. I went back to cleanse, treat, moisturizer. The pimples are now gone hehe Im never going to do that again. Hey Cest, i have a question. Do you know any makeup a guy can use that looks natural and covers acne scars?
  24. Yay i was planning on buying more cleanser and BP. MAYBE ILL GET ONE Thanks Dan, your too kind.
  25. HI guys. So a week ago i was nearly 100% clear. I decided to add in a Proactiv toner which seemed to make BP application along with Moisturizer application a lot easier since it just glides across the skin. It lighten old scars. In the morning, i use Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer which covers acne marks, i have to say, i've used products like Olay SPF 15, Neutrogena defence, etc. All of them itched my skin suddenly after 1-3 hrs of putting it on. The Aveeno on the other hand f