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  1. Good luck baberahamlincln! i have the same amount of back acne as you, same type and all, just with a lot more mini clogged pores and white heads. i hope accutane will do us both wonders.
  2. it will all get better keep it up!
  3. Thank you very much Shantelle ! i happen to have a bunch of Nature Made Vitamin D supplements in my medicine cabinet. So i guess i should stay away from the sun as much as possible? Is it okay if i take Vitamin C supplements? i hear the immune system gets bad from accutane, and vitamin c is supposed to support immune system right? appreciate it
  4. Good luck to you buddy! will check on your progress from time to time.
  5. Does anyone take any other vitamins while on Accutane?
  6. Claravis ! $10 a month, $5 per dermatologist visit. I'm so excited. Haven't felt like this in ages.
  7. That sounds very good mom. I wish my mom cared about my acne as you. +1 for that. I'm guessing they will increase him to 40. I hope i get around the same results when i start my accutane.
  8. Welcome to my Accutane Log Had acne since age "12" Acne.org regimen 2008 I feel like dying. What I've Tried :Erythromycin, Topical Erythromycin, Topical Clindamycin. Like 10 different Benzoyl Peroxides(NOTS, Acne.org, AcneFree, Proactive, Clearacil, Neutrogena Acne Therapy, PanOxyl, ETC) Salicylic Acids like Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Washes, Paula's Choice BHA 2%, C&C Dual Action, Neutrogena Clear body wash. Sulfer Mask, AHA+, Jojoba Oil. Naturally Clear Oral Supplements, Vitamin C Pills,
  9. I will keep this checked too starting mine next week or so, already got my blood checked.
  10. okay ! since i weigh 132 i'm around 60mg right? i read somewhere it's 2.2lbs per 0.5 to 1mg? and for those with servere acne its up to 2mg? i did the math and im around 30-60mg. Is that correct guys? Going to change my Dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente, If i get the person to prescribe me Accutane does he or she automatically redirect me to a blood test or do i have to make a appointment for that myself? Hope i get clear after 6 months of this thing ! then i can get a girlfriend again. : d
  11. thanks for the reply Mercy, means a lot. well im not scared of the side effects actually since 1, im not a girl so i won't have any birth defects. Would only take it for 6 months and then stop so there shouldn't be any major side effects. I do have a question though. How much mg do i start with and etc?
  12. Hey Guys. Simple Story I've had acne since age 13. Been trying to get rid of my acne since then, started Acne.org's Regimen in November 2008, which never gotten me cleared. Also done Erythromycin, Topical Erythromycin, Topical Clindamycin. Like 10 different Benzoyl Peroxides(NOTS, Acne.org, AcneFree, Proactive, Clearacil, Neutrogena Acne Therapy, PanOxyl, ETC) Salicylic Acids like Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Washes, Paula's Choice BHA 2%, C&C Dual Action, Neutrogena Clear body wash. Trie
  13. Do yourself a favor and throw away the proactive and curse it. Never touch those again. Everything proactiv related should be banished. Proactiv has helped some people, but for others, it doesn't seem to be what we need. the cleanser is too strong and the instructions says to cleanse for 1~2 minutes which is insane and would cause a bunch of micro tears in your skin. Not only that but the Benzoyl peroxide itself has this disgusting scent to it which may be too much for some people. And in all,
  14. deep down bacteria. it should be deep down where you can't feel pain. put some benzoyl peroxide on it, and you will see it become a HUMONGOUS whitehead.
  15. oh really? i have friend's (girls) whom i recommended the moisturizer to, and they attempted to use it under makeup and said it became uneven. I guess it's just them or the way they apply it then.
  16. GOOD LUCK! you can do it. a little more
  17. yeah don't use it during the day. i don't even use 2 drops during the day because that's a lot of oils. I only use cetaphil and jojoba at nigh time. If your a girl and you wear makeup, cetaphil is not something you'd want to use before applying makeup. it's sticky. I've actually been using cetaphil since 2007 or 2008. The more i used, the less dry become in the morning, but sometimes i feel like i slapping it all over my face lols. i don't ever do that thin coat nonsence because usually when
  18. Thank you so much Cest. You're my #1 Moderator.
  19. Does anyone know what Royal Jelly does? i know calcium is for bones, and vitamin d is for bone and joints, etc. but what does Royal Bee Jelly do? i take 1000mg a day.
  20. in the regimen everything is important. a gentle cleanser, 2.5% BP(the least important as long as it's 2.5%) and a good moisturizer that does not irritate your skin.
  21. i like your Signature ihatemirrors lols. i feel the same with the house cleaning part. Dog's saliva is actually a really good thing though, it kills acne bacteria i've heard. but of course, you wouldn't want your dog licking off your bp, the dog might get sick and it will be bad for the both of ya.
  22. jojoba oil will help a lot, it should be a great helper for the moisturizer. it's better to switch to 2.5% Skaster, it should help out with the flaking, but then again, you might get flake still because your using a new BP. i didn't have flakes with Dan's BP after 5 months, ran out so i bought some more online. Used Neutrogena On the Spot as a replacement, and boom my skin became a wasteland.
  23. Well stick with the 2.5% BP, use a good moisturizer. neutrogena might not cut it. Mix some jojoba oil with it, or go to a near department store and get your hands on some cetaphil.
  24. aww im sorry to hear that guys. :[ I'll be happy to take those jojoba's off your hands maybe we can make a deal
  25. don't forget rwc. it take's up to 3 months to see extremely visible results. Right now it's still diving deep into your skin to kill off any bacteria's trapped inside the skin. Bear with it a little longer, eventually the bacteria will all die and breakouts will be minimized. You can do it Only a month and a few more weeks. Hopefully the breakout ends even sooner than that.