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  1. I use C&C blackhead scrub with Panoxyl BP cream (5%) They are the only 2 things i use.
  2. I had acne when i lost my virginity when i was 15 ( im 17 now and still have acne) and it was with the most beautiful girl in the school and i loved her and she apparently loved me, we are not together now but i dont think it is because of how i looked with my acne that she left me but because of my insecurity and jealousy which all came about because of my acne. Sooner or later you will find the right person, my advice would be; when you find that person dont make the mistake i did, dont let a
  3. I am back after months away trying Botchlas regiem, minimal success with that, i only have mild acne and most of it is on my cheek bones area so if i look at myself straight on, it is hardly noticable, what is noticeable tho is the huge pore on the cheek areas next to my nose and on my forehead, i dont get an spots in those area except maybe an occasional 1 on my forehead but thats pretty rare. I feel really bad about the way i look, 50% because of the acne on my cheek bones and 50% because of
  4. I have returned ppl on topic: I have used bothlas regiem for months, i havnt realy seen any results to be honest, all that seems to have happened is that my pores are permanently open, and it makes my skin look really bad, i apply BP cream on the areas affected (mainly my cheeks and chin) but it seems to have NO affect on them whatsover, also yesterday i put bp cream on the cheek area next to my nose which is not affected by acne but i have massive pores, woke up today and they was burning b
  5. I dont know whether to be happy or not, the bumps on my forehead seem to be dieing down, the cluster of spots on my right cheek bone seems to be fading out, hopefully they will go completely in a couple of days, but the thing thats happening now is that, as i put the Bp cream anywhere on any affected areas below my mouth it seems that it just makes it worse, if i have a small spot and put bp cream on it... then it by the bext morning it has turned into a whitehead that is normally pretty big, al
  6. as most o you know i cant get the C&C continuous control here in UK and i replaced it with the panoxyl 5% BP cream... This is what seems to be hapening: i put the BCS on and my but it does make my skin slightly dry but only in the morning, iv started going back to college now which means i pay a lot more attention to how bad my acne is, the BP cream which i put on of a night after using the BCS usually slightly burns as it is left on, also when i wake up in the morning and i just u
  7. o iv got the panoxyl 5% BP cream, doesnt seem to dry my skin at all.
  8. hey jade, im using the 5% BP cream aswell as i cant get the C&C continous control whch all you have so im using it as a replacement, i only use it on the nigh and i havnt experienced any dryness, how many times a day are you applying it and are you just applying it on the effected areas?
  9. Well i started last night and this morning when i looked in the mirror nothing seemed too different, tho once i but the BCS on afterwards my skin felt great and smooth, i looked in the mirror again and it seems like something is definetely working the BCS seems to be making my skin more oily but the oil is not visable and all it seems to be doing is making my skin look healthier, im pretty happy so far, i will see if there is any more improvements tomorow morning and il keep you all informed.
  10. I put it on earlier but i havnt gone to bed yet, my skin did feel smooth after the bcs and then i used the cream, i guess i will find out if there is going to be any progress once i go to sleep tongight and have a look in the morning. I have high hopes for this regiem after the succes others have been having so far.
  11. I got the scrub but i couldnt get the bp in a faceweash, the only thing they had was the bp cream so iv had to settle for that, il be starting the regiem tonight but using bp cream instead of the facewah, hopefully it wil do the same job tho.
  12. I tried that site yesterday and went to order both of the products then when i went to finalise it, it said these products can not be delivered to your country....
  13. i always drink a lot of water, and i take so many vitamins around 600% of the rda each day, i will go and get the blackhead scrub and something with 10% bp in tomorow, i was hoping to find a 10% bp using the c&c brand but it dont look like i will be able to so i have to settle for something else in conjunction with the 2% SA from the blackhead scrub. Hopefully it will work as i only have mild acne and have only been using general daily wash things from c&c with no SA or BP as far as i kn
  14. Iv also never had a blackhead, just a lot of whiteheads
  15. Well with my acne i wouldnt say it is really bad but i would do anything to clear it up altogether, on my forehead it is just sort of small bumps, not really red or anything, then i have quite a few spots around my chin area which is the worst part and then recently on the top of my cheek bones in line with my ear there is like a small cluster about the size of the top of my thumb whcih are realy annoying and really blatant also is this "panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide facewash" what i would a
  16. Hi all im new to tese forums and i really would like to try this regiem, the problem is im from the UK and i THINK i can get the blackhead scrub here but i cannot get hold of the contiuous control acne cleanser anywhere, it is not in stores here in the UK and i was looking online and it said that the product cannot be delivered to the UK so does any1 know of any way in which i could get hold of that product here in the UK?