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  1. i have a dark colored scar. should i use a bleach cream or something like mederma?
  2. and i'm a guy. i only want to cover one spot on my face. 1/6 of an inch in diameter. it is very noticeable
  3. it is not indented it is discolored
  4. i want to know what kind of make-up i should use to camoflauge 1 scar on my right cheek. should i use a concealer or a foundation
  5. Did you use it as a moisturizer or spot treatment. Is it once a day, two times a week?
  6. about 3 months my skin is definatly used to benzoyl peroxide
  7. i feel the same way. i was stripped from life when my face was left scarred. i was good-looking and extremely confident. now, i'm the quietest person in school and cant look anyone in the eye. all my self-confidence has disappeared.
  8. i feel like i'm missing something. i have the cleanser, medicate, and moisturise. i think a good exfoliate is what i need. any suggestions
  9. sorry just a little impacient w/ my acne and red marks. any suggestions?