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  1. cerave alone doesn't moisturize my skin enough, but I also have naturally dry skin. so I use cerave, then put a small amount of cetaphil on too. it moisturizes my face without making it all greasy looking like it would have been if I used only cetaphil.
  2. I've used the regimen for about a year. About a month and a half ago, I stopped using bp for three weeks just to see what would happen. The first week, my face was fine, no acne. Weeks 2-3 I had a few active spots, but nothing serious at all. I was debating even starting to use bp again since apparently my acne's not even 1/4 as bad now as it used to be. I started again though since I wanted to be acne free, and I'll try again in a couple months. So anyway, no, your face doesn't become dependen
  3. Wait until it fades. BP sort of does the same thing to your skin that sunburn does, so it will make it worse.
  4. Jojoba. I use it to moisturize and it sort of "rinses" the BP out of your facial hair. I always used it around the edges of my stubble beard where BP would build up and on my eyebrows.
  5. Some further reading, right off this site: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#cancer
  6. Also, -The FDA change from safe to uncertain wasn't very recent. That happened in 1995. -None of the articles I've read mention the percentage of BP in their toxicology tests, so I'm assuming they were using 100%, which we basically already knew was dangerous. -BP oxidizes and generates free radicals in your skin, which is similar to sunburn (redness, peeling). Studies have linked long term, unprotected sun exposure with skin cancer, and it's theorized that BP could have similar effects. A
  7. Cerave is a lot lighter and non greasy. I tried cetaphil at first and switched to that since I didn't like my face super shiny.
  8. For those that do wrestling/jiu jitsu/whatever sport where your face is often coming in contact with other people's clothes, what's the likelihood of bleaching? I don't want to go into a gym and turn everyone's shirts orange after a week. What's the alternative? Just wash it off before I go and reapply it after I take a shower when I get home?
  9. Since I started putting moisturizer on before BP, I've: -become less noticeably red/irritated. I was looking for a way to reduce redness without putting more stuff on my face, and this seemed to work pretty well. I really had to rub in the moisturizer sometimes when I put it over BP. There's a lot less drag this way. -actually become less dry. I apply BP to only certain areas of my face (forehead and nose area). When I'd put moisturizer on, it would mix with the BP that I had already applied to
  10. Today was the first time in a few months that I didn't put anything on my face at all. My skin had gradually become very red over the past two weeks or so, to the point yesterday where it looked like I had sunburn. I think I've been over medicating, and decided to give my face a break for a day and resume tomorrow with about half as much BP (as long it keeps me clear). Anyway, this is sort of a two part question. -My face right now is very dry with absolutely no products on it. In the future, w
  11. Dan's BP doesn't for me. My only problem is the beard area around where I use BP gets dry.
  12. I use Cerave and Cetaphil, but mainly Cerave. Yeah, it sort of streaks and I have to rub it in on certain areas, but it's not really a problem. I'll use Cerave on my whole face since it's lighter, and then Cetaphil + some jojoba on drier areas so I don't get that crazy greasy look from using Cetaphil all over my face.
  13. Anybody got any tips for keeping the skin under facial hair moisturized? I like to keep a very short beard on my face and shave the neck area. Especially now that it's winter, the skin gets dried out and flaky. I've tried just putting moisturizer on it, but it sort of gets gunked up in the hair, and it would take like 1/4 of the bottle to get the whole bottom half of my face done.