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  1. Has anyone tried this? Or would the pH be all wrong for the hair or something?
  2. Up until recently, I've only seen 10% BP washes available in stores. Now I see one from Oxy that's 5% and another from Panoxyl that's 2.5%. Is BP effective in a cleanser?
  3. Does washing towels with hot water damage them? Can cold water get them clean enough? Will High heat in the dryer make them crunchy?
  4. Has anyone tried this? Does it have any negative effects on the face?
  5. Electrics rip me apart. Give the Bump Fighter disposable (the one with the pivoting head) razor a try. The most gentle razor I've ever tried.
  6. Does anyone know if Cheer Free is more gentle? I've already tried All Free and Clear and Arm & Hammer Sensitive and they both broke me out.
  7. I'm talking about soft ones, like Viva. Is this recommended? Or would the chemicals or lint from the paper towels cause skin problems?
  8. I use a big towel for my body and a small washcloth for my face. How many time(s) should I use the face towel before washing it again? I'm sure once is the best answer, but that's a little inconvenient/wasteful. Would 3 times be okay? Or maybe just change it once a week? Or would the bacteria on the towel get to be too much after a few days?
  9. This seems to be the acne that I'm having the most trouble fighting.
  10. I think a lot of people see "Sodium LAURYL Sulfate" on the ingredient list and get really freaked out. The fact is that Cetaphil doesn't lather at all so the amount of SLS that's in it is minute. I've been around here for a few years, and I've tried every cleanser under the sun and Cetaphil is the best for me (I didn't say it was the perfect cleanser, or that it will work for you, it's just the best for ME). Like you, foaming cleansers dry me out big time, so non-foaming is the best option.
  11. It seems that iodine is a no-no ingredient. Does anyone know of any other bad ingredients? Does it matter if the multivitamin is a name brand or generic? Or if there is an all-natural multi?
  12. I've been thinking about trying some Downy that doesn't have fragrance or dyes. Anyone use it?
  13. Anyone know which is best for sensitive skin? Does it matter if it's concentrated or not?
  14. I'm very interested in this exfoliation method. Is there a place online (or CVS, etc) where I can buy this kind of brush? I'd like the most gentle one because my skin is pretty sensitive. How often should I exfoliate with it? How do you use it (rub it in circular motions, etc)? Thanks.