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  1. Maybe TCA cross with this treatment right after would be good for icepicks.
  2. Amazing info, 2012. I think a lot of people with ice pick scars were hoping this might help them as well. He said 90%+ improvement for rolling. Did he mention what the success rate average was for ice picks and other deep scars? I guess I don't understand how he said he didn't have great success with ice picks as the photos BRD first posted looked like some might be ice-pick-like. From what I'm reading -- although this is still super exciting info -- this is seeming to really still be a kind o
  3. Oh, but I'm not sure if it works for bumps under the skin. sorry!
  4. this burning and/or itchy, super-irritating sensation is quite normal with azelaic acid (skinoren contains it, right?). It goes away after a while. But hey, small price to pay for success!
  5. C'mon, guys, how could this not be of major interest to comedonal acne sufferers? I'm super curious. I just quit low dose accutane and will be trying this in a few months. I'll let you guys know what happens....
  6. Corey, what's your daily accutane dose?
  7. Okay, so I read the following on this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/needling-...er-t187025.html
  8. When you say you had blackheads, are you saying you had traditional open pores filled with sebum/skin-cell clogs? Also, how widespread were they? Were they numerous, like as in the hundreds, or just a few. Thanks!! Z
  9. I don't see how plant stem cells could work to repair our skin. I'd say that if you're looking for dramatic results, might as well use your own stem cells. Big price difference, I know. But disregarding cost.... Just my opinion though.
  10. I understand your concern, but there has never been an instance of cancer or tumor growth when using your OWN stem cells. That only happens when you're using embryonic stem cells that come from a fetus that has different dna than you. That's just not a risk when using your own stem cells. Bulgarian Derm, who posts regularly on the scar forum said this in response to softly_softly's similar concern: Softly_softly said: "It was in the news lately that a stem cell patient who was treated with s
  11. Hey guys, there's all this talk of stem cells for acne scars on the scar forums: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Stem-Cell...ep-t222851.html I'm wondering, with all this new stem cell research if maybe we could try what they're talking about in the link above -- isolating our own adult stem cells from our abdominal fat, and injecting it in our skin to see if it helps regulate our sebaceous follicles on our face so they function normally. Supposedly stem cells can help regulate all manner of dy
  12. So, atsguy, with the regimen, the blackheads are still there, but just less noticeable?
  13. This scared the crap out of me.
  14. I had this problem and low dose accutane (10 mg) cleared it 100% in one month. I had trouble getting my prescription, so I went off it, and things returned within 3 months and have gotten progressively worse. After about 6 months, I've gone back on low dose (10 mg day), but it hasn't even been a month. I'm praying it will work again. Find a derm who will give you low dose. But the only thing I struggle with is the fear that it will f*** my health up over time. Once my pores are clear again, I p