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  1. can anyone please explain to me how the vinegar works?
  2. Thanks for the help, by the way I have one more question. Will the Retin-A help with the pigmenations?
  3. I just got the Retin-A gel and I was wondering how do I put it on my face? I'm also using BP cream. I have a few pigmenations so do I put it on my face after the BP cream? And do i only put it on the pigmenations and acne or all over the face.
  4. You barely have any acne, but your face is pretty red.
  5. Your FYI was crap please Leave. People don't wash there face for 2 hours, or even close to that. I dont know where you reading this crap.
  6. If you have brow spots there most likely pigmentation. You can get rid of them with bleach cream or chemcial peel.
  7. I'm not quite sure what peel I got, but they said it was a very strong deep chemcial peel. All my pigmentation looks worse and my skin is like very hard, its not dry though.
  8. How long did it take you? because I got it peeled yesterday and Im afraid im going to look like a snake shedding his skin at school on MOnday.
  9. I got a deep chemcial peel yesterday, and they said my skin would be very dry and all the pigmentation would turn even more brown. Today my pigmentation is very brown like she said it was going to be but my skin is not dry at all. Not even a little. What should I do??? I'm scared the chemcial peel won't work and my pigmentations won't leave unless my skin gets dry.
  10. I saw a lot of reviews how accutane have lots of long term side-effects and high cholesterol is one of them.
  11. I went to get my deep checmical peel today and they told me that I need to change my diet inorder for my acne to imporve. The problem is I live with my dad and he doesn't cook. I eat fast food everyday. my question is what is the best and most heatly food for me that I can get from a resturant? I know a few like Sub-Way and chicken salads, but are there anything else?
  12. I think its a pigmentation. If its a brow spot then its a pigmentation. I have a bunch of those all over my cheeks too and they don't seem to be going away too so I got a bleaching cream and a chemcial Peel. Hopefully it will get better soon.
  13. I went to this place where they specialize in acne and I got 3 Chemcial Peels in the last 3 weeks and my pigmentation are not getting any better. So this week there going to give me a very strong one and there saying I need to stay indoor for atleast 3 days. My question is what should I do? My acne use to be moderate but now there mostly gone. My face would look clean if I didn't have these pigmentations. They gave me a Bleach Gel to use on the pigmentations, but they don't seem to be working.