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  1. i'm looking for a natural moisturizer/acne prevention cream basically. i usually use BP but i'd rather use something that doesn't damage the skin in the long run.... i've done accutane so if i break out occassionally, its small and mild, so something less intense for me is needed i think. theres a bunch of creams out there with manuka honey or oil in them but they also include tea tree.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find one? All of them seem to include Tea Tree Oil but after all those studies on Tea Tree and estrogen I dont want to go near Tea Tree...
  3. Does anyone know where I can find one? All of them seem to include Tea Tree Oil but after all those studies on Tea Tree and estrogen I dont want to go near Tea Tree...
  4. Basically I've been off the tane for 2 months, and ever since I've been getting consistent nodules every 2 weeks or less, and consistent small zits. Not as bad as before, and I got a BP cream that controls it some what but the nodules still come... I want to go back on the tane since obviously it didnt quite do its job, but I'm afraid no derm will give m another course cause its certainly not as bad as before but then again its not great and the treatment obviously wasnt that successfull...
  5. my course was strange... i have really senstive skin so my derm started me on 30 mg for a month, then 35 mg for 2 months, then i did 5 months on 40mg, 1 month on 50mg, and finished on a month of 20mg...wierd i know i think my derms an idiot ...
  6. Wait for 90 days before making an evaluation. At 28 days you have only gone through one cell cycle. Hang in there. Jeff i wish...the thing is i hate having hope anymore because it always seems to get crushed in the end..
  7. i just need some where to vent because im so upset right now. im 28 days post tane and im breaking out again..it started with a few tiny zits in the area between the nose and the eye, the upper cheeks and in the area under the nose..at first i shruggede it off because they were tiny and dried out quickly, but now new ones are coming in, big red nodules.. its just so unfair i spent my whole juinor year on accutane looking at the calendar and thinking "oh i'll be clear by july, i'll finally be f
  8. oh crap, i accidently took out the cutter and the guardcs and probably mixed them up...i feel so dumb lol
  9. Does anyone know? I have folliculitis and one way to keep it from coming abck is to sterilze my rotary blade razor head, so I got some surgical spirit, but Im not sure if thats the right stuff. Also, tommorow I'm pciking up the special cleaning solution...but does that kill bacteria??? Anyone else do it another way??
  10. okay people..no offense but lets look at this realistically. some of this stuff actually works for our skin. there are some great products on there given a 6 out of 10 toxicity level. now i understand that we really shouldnt be putting chemicals and stuff on our skin and how unnatural we all are today with all the chemicals everywhere and crap, but lets be honest no matter how hard you try, your gunna intake these chemicals this day in age. i think too many people forget to just live life these
  11. it seems from all these horror stories im reading that nobody seems to tackle it.... is this true? has anyone gotten rid of theirs?
  12. ..im almost done with accutane and now im dealing with folliculitis. just got given erythromicin ...but im reading so manny horror stories on the net. has anyone ever actually gotten rid of this??
  13. no it shouldnt be permanent, you can treat it with antibiotics or anti-fungals depending on the type of infection it is, as your derm or doctor to take a swab and find out. have you done this? ..i know for some people it keeps coming back which scares the crap out of me because im almost done with accutane and now i havbe another skin problem...its like i can never get rid of this....its really depressing