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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to share a product I tried recently. Just started using L'Oreal ReFinish Micro-Dermabrasion Kit, and I think it's working pretty well. It takes time to see noticable results, but so far I've noticed small but positive changes. If you don't have very active acne, and mostly just red marks left, you should try it out.
  2. yeah, i'm using it right now. the first two weeks or so u may see no results, but i've been using it for like a month and my skin is sooooooooo soft and smooth. i cannot stop touching it. I also use other stuff, like aveeno moisturizer, deep scrub once a week and a mask. but still, i think u should try it. i'm might work 4 u. good luck.
  3. baking soda? do u mean i should use it as a scrub? thanks
  4. I know there are wonderful treatments out there that u can get at a salon or on-line. But what about stuff that can just be bought at CVS, Walmart or Target? Has anyone bought something like that that worked for them? CVS is my favorite store in the world! Please share.
  5. when i have scabs, I put 10% benzol peroxide on them twice a day. I think it dries them up faster. hope this helps.
  6. I love the steaming method. It helps me a lot and makes me happier. Maybe it doesn't work for everyone. Works great for me. :-k
  7. Hey, Animal, I just have to say something about your signature. It's really cool. Recently I've seen a little bit different version of it. It starts the regular way, but the last person walking is the fat guy with a bottle of soda in his hand. What is it, 30% of Americans are overweight? Crazy. :-k Christa, You said no lecturing, but I just want to give you my support. Not picking is a great challenge for me. If you completely can't control your picking than you have a problem jus
  8. I don't think I used the quote thing right. $
  9. Hey, crazycat! You should hang out in the Lounge section. It's the best. No one cares about any stupid acne here. It can really be fun.
  10. I don't get huge cysts, so I don't really have any serious advice. I would suggest two things. If you are panicing and afraid that you are going to get another scar, go to a dermatologist immidiately! Or if you don't want to do that, just leave it alone (don't try to pop it. That might only make it worse) and wait to see what happens. Hope this helps.
  11. I agree with you guys. I love the feeling right after you get that crap out of your skin. But many times I have bad tries and end up making a big red spot. Then I regret it. You really have to think whether it's worth it and what the consequences will be.
  12. :-k This seems very strange. The way your pimple behaves doesn't seem normal. Maybe you should go see a doctor. This might not be a regular pimple, but some other serious problem.
  13. :-k I think to find a good treatment, you have to figure out the kind of blackheads you have. My sister's blackheads always stick out on the surface. You can simply pull them out with nails. I told her to use scrub every night, and the results are great. My blackheads, on the other hand, are deep. The only way to do something to mine is some kind of treatment with medicine that goes down inside the pores. But that is, of course, not as effective as just getting that crap completely out.
  14. I can't believe that people told you guys in your faces that you're ugly. I know that most of us probably talk about other people with our friends, but no matter what, I would never come up to a person and say, "Oh, I think you're ugly. Hahaha..." That would be horrible. Also it's awful how mothers can offend their kids by calling them ugly. Everyone is beautiful and pretty in his or her own way. Think about it. It's true. Noone's perfect, but everyone has something beautiful. It could be eyes,