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  1. Hi guys I recently started self saline injections. I've noticed that the scars are getting worse or may be they appear so. I've had 3 saline injections so far and my scars appear better for a week but as the week comes to end the scars appear more pronounced and steep. I can't understand what the reason is. Could it be because collagen needs time for build up like post subcision you wait for a month but i've been injecting every week without giving rest to my skin. . Do share your comment please
  2. i want to make this clear that its not the skin surface that has been damaged its something from inside that has changed the appearance of my scars boxscars are deeper by 10 percent i believe and one rolling scar has streched and turned into a weird dark color not literally dark though just a darkish shade..i am still waiting its been 45 days so far, hoping something might change..iam using retin a which makes my texture a little better. And let me tell u how i got my scars deeper in the first p
  3. my skin was relatively better before i performed needling which made my scars only wider. Why cant people be honest with their results? Damn! Now i am thinking of trying saline injections by myself because i already have spent enough money that i couldn't a penny for myself in all the years my battle with scars cause the scars are really demanding and day in and day out they want retino, expensive face wash, moisturizer, vitamins and what not. Shit! I have friends who barely wash their face and
  4. hi folks..i have a couple of boxscars and 1 big rolling scar plus a few scarred pores and uneven skin tone. I read about needling and thought to give it a try..bought the diabetic needle and one unlucky night performed needling in desperation. For 2-3 weeks it seemed promising but after that DAMN! My big rolling scar sunk in boxscars deepened and turned into a weird color a mixture of black and red, not that dark color though..but somewhat dark to leave me in despair. I read the needling post ag
  5. If you already had the real subcision three years back, doing saline will provide you with none to little results. AHA will not make your scars tethered down again, it probably just inflamed them. Maybe just be real gentle and in time you will get your collagen building again. I hope you're not paying much for saline. You could just opt to pay for restylane and see how that goes. Why saline injections won't get me much results? Have you experienced something similar?...and believe me a
  6. Okay guys i'm back from docs clinic. . Got saline injections done.. He did it in small amount like several times to different scars from different directions. . Is this how it is done?... It was new for him.. I told him about saline and he agreed to do it. . I think he's done a good job... Cause I see many small bumps.-and scars are a little elevated... Please guys do tell me how much improvement I can expect... I can get these injections almost every week... How many would I need. . Thanks and
  7. hi guys i am an old member. I left this website a year back I guess.. I was in a lot of depression back then because of my scars.. I'll cut to the chase and please bear with my english... I had 2 deep rolling scars and some boxscars on them.. 3 years back I had 3 rounds of subcision I didn't have much improvement back then but over the years...collagen built I saw good improvement my scars levelled up to the skin surface. . My scars were only visible in bad lighting... I was really happy I could
  8. Hi.. i m not sure if i have this disorder but on my right jawline there is a tiny of about 3 mm small right bump where hair doesnt grow.. and it is white.. whenever i pop it something white come out which stinks.. (plz dont hate me for this, i am not disgusting).and then it swells for maybe some hours but the next day its again the same.. i have popped it quite a few times but it doesnt go away.. i was wondering is it the same?.. if not did anybody face this disorder ever?? thnks.
  9. hey bro.. i have every type of scars.. i stopped thnking about my scars and stopped looking at them.. and i saw gradually they are fading away.. i have uneven skin tone . which made my scars to look even more deep... so once unevenness of your skin goes away.. it will look much better.. take care..
  10. listen randy orton.. go for subcision a surgical process .. which is quite cheap and effective.. but you have to undergo atleast 3-4 subcisions.. trust me it will work.. by the way where in india are you ??
  11. I've noticed something that after every 10 to 12 days my skin becomes rough and scars become more pronunced and deeper but after some days my skin starts looking smooth again why does it happen to me
  12. guys plz help i can clearly see nw that my scars are goi ng back to wat they were before subcision.
  13. Okay, I know how it feels dont get mad at me, I just started this thread to change the way we see our scars or skin condition. I know this aint gonna work but just to feel a little better or to make ourselves free from depression of fucked up scars or maybe just to divert our mind for a short time. Share your experiences any weird or funny thing that you noticed about your scar any thing that helped you in any way. As for my experience when i had severe nodules on my right cheek i started taking
  14. I've recently observed that tazorac has made my skin fragile. I quit tazorac 2 moths ago and now not using any topical hoping my skin to clear on its own. recently i got 3 tiny zits which scarred me, which never happened in the past they are now brown marks like the point of a board marker, WTF! I dont know where the hell did i get a new tiny rolling scar which was never ever there before i dont know why this is happening to me.