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  1. Ok, three days ago I went to the beach... in a fucking bikni!!! And no one even noticed them anymore because there are just some really small scars from before but my hair covers them. And omg it felt soooooo good to go back to the beach again and not worry about my back, I stayed there so long that I got sunburnt on my shoulders haha ow but mehh I'm just reall happy I got to go. Thank you everyone and thank you head and shoulders!!! xx
  2. Damnnnn mayn. That must be a fucking bitchhhhh. That looks like it must realllly hurt, I suggest you go see a doctor for that. Sorry about your body acne, hope it goes away, peace.
  3. Alrighty so it's been about a week and a half of using 'H&S for men' and I think I said before that I didn't get bacne on my lower back, but apparently I did so I checked again and it's totally gone now, my upper part is mostly a few scars and a few pimples so I might put some pictures up of that part later, but other from that, I'm clear on my lower part, yay! photos below, I think it worked.
  4. Yeah, I'm from Australia, and I use it except I use the 'For Men' one, it's been about a week and it's actually really good, you should try it.
  5. Yea, H&S is Head and shouders shampoo. But you can't just use any one of them apparently, the ones that work are the classic old ones or the ones that are 'for men' I'm using the 'for men' one and it's really, really working, but I have a few scars now ugh.
  6. I've nearly gotten rid of all my bacne after a few weeks but now it's left some dark marks behind and they're really annoying. I get so jealous of girls who wear bikinis and tank tops with clear skin on their backs So can honey get rid/ decrease bacne scars? I heard some stuff about that but I'm not sure. And if not, what can?
  7. WOW. I've been using H&S for like a week tops and there are like NO more pimples. There are some scars and stuff but it's not that noticeable. And I'm stating to wear tank tops again!
  8. I know, it sucks shit. I'm thinking it'll go away to later on or something, still very annoying tho! But I'm going to the doctor and going to get on the pill lol apparently that helps it, oh! and if you scrub it to vigourously it'll just make it way worse because it's irritating it and then your skin will just produce more oil and your left with more pimples apparently, don't make the shower water to hot just warm, I found that out like a week ago and I was like "Now you tell me!" H&S is
  9. Hey, I was just reading your thing and I was just wondering if you've ever tried H&S? (Head and shoulders) I know it sounds weird and all but I started using it five days ago and I saw huge improvements. It sort of flared up on some on the third day but then it went away and it didn't come back. Hope yours gets cleared up soon, peace.
  10. Hey! thanks for the help! I also heard something about using H&S, it sounded kinda weird at first but I gave it a try anyway and it's actually working...! I still can't really wear a bikini because there's still scars which are a real pain in the ass but my hair kinda covers it but it's still annoying, hope H&S works tho...
  11. Are you sure it's not just some rash or something? I had some pimples on my chest once and I used this stuff called 'OXY body wash' on it and the next day it was basically gone. But you say you have sensitive skin? Well if you do and you do get the stuff put it on reallly gently because the stuff is pretty strong so be careful.
  12. This is a really embarrassing subject to discuss, especially around my friends, so I decided to talk about it here. ANYWAY, every where else on my body is basically flaw clear... except for my back, which is really annoying for summer and when people ask if I want to go swimming and I have to make up some lame excuse for not going because dun, dun, dun.. I have bacne. It's not on my lower back, just the upper part, and a little around my shoulders and some of them don't even have heads. Th