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  1. Hey guys I pre-much used to just look through these forums looking for like a special diet or supplement which would get rid of my acne (i had like quite abit of discolouring on my cheeks and acne like just generally all round my face). I didnt like the idea of anti-biotics, so i tried special diets and routines people post up here. I kinda realised though they dont really work. anyway i went on accutane(oratane) about 3 months ago and like i have no acne at all, oilness gone and the discolorat
  2. probs last update from me alls gud.
  3. Update In round month 2ish, no acne atm. Cold sores gone down alot but my nose has gotten really dry. I also am thinking its affecting my mood, feeling kinda stressed out (maybe cuz of uni though). Ill b so glad once this is over....
  4. another update, blood test went through got more pills for 3 months on 40mg a day. seems like my doc wants me to go long term on a low dose, suits me. but SERIOUSLY WTF IS WITH THE COLD SORE LIKE THINGS AROUND MY MOUTH. fuuuuark seriously its killing me, its sore and pussy and looks gross. anyone else dealt with it b4? tips? please..... save me...
  5. Quick update its been a month now. Nowadays i dont really think much bout my skin(cuz i know its gonna get better) Never really did have a IB now i look back, probs cuz of erythro( just had really oily skin for a few days-week). Im getting insane dry lips lol, side of mouth hurts so much T.T. Um what else.... getting a little dry skin on my arms and hands and yea... no problem with contacts so far.
  6. yea i think the erythro def helped. Alot of the bumps have subsided and like the scars are slowly going away as well. Ive finished my supply of round 1 month of erythro and currently in 3/4 of a month in? Side effects ive noticed are dry lips(paw paw ointment helps alot) Lower Backpain(Man this sucks like a bitch when gyming and when bending over in general(no homo)) Ive found that my eyes arent that dry (can wear contact for 15hour+ no problem). Will update again later
  7. Update Day 11 or 12 or something.. Started getting dry lips round day 7, though its not extreme. Started noticing little lumps of oil coming out of skin like non inflamed pimple (2 or 3). They disspeared in like a day, seems as though my skin is getting better. Started noticing the back pain, mayhave been due to starting deadlifts though. And extreme sleepiness in lectures lol may be due to start gyming again.
  8. Yay got my pills yesterday. So far took 3 pills of 10mg. Lol i heard u needed to take it with some oily food, so i tried mixing olive oil with water -_-;; fail...... nearly puked. Im on my second day so far and i dno if its a mental thing but i already see my IB forming lol ---;. Hopefully the erythromycin calms it down quickly(still taking). Will Update in a week or 2
  9. Hey guys so finally im went to my gp to get accutane/oratane. Strange thing was my doc put me on 2 weeks of erythromycin (its an antibiotic) before im getting my pills and also will use for my IB. Anyone use this b4?. on the upside im only getting blood tests every 3 months !!! Will update once i get pills
  10. recently ive tried following dans instructions word for word, and noticed that about after 3 minutes from washing and (waiting for my skin to dry) how scaly and dry my cheek+chin area gets. Ive been on this regimne for quite a long time 3+months and was wondering if the dry+flakyness/scalyness disapears later
  11. Hey guys Ive been on the regimen for bout 6 weeks now and i've definitely seen an improvement apart from the redness and little dryness. I've sometimes skipped days without using Bp and just washing and appyling moisturizer and i havent broken out in acne. So i was thinking maybe i should just use BP once a day at night or even once every two days. Morning: 1.Wash face 2.Moisturize/Sunscreen Night: 1.Wash face 2.BP 3.Moisturize Also one thing that scares me is the accelerated rate of aging o
  12. yup i used 1.BP then applied moisturizer then applied sunscreen isnt that the normal order?
  13. Hey guys One more thing did BP darken or change your skin tone. I've realized my face has gotten a very dark shade of red or something.. Does it revert back later??? thanks
  14. Hey guys Its my 5th or 6th week. Im nearly up to the full 2pumps, i've noticed my irritation and scaly skin has been reduced alot. But the redness of my entire face apart from eyes is the same. I mean like my face is like way different skin tone to my body. Its like im cooked or something. Any tips ideas or experiences?? Like how long did the redness last for u guys