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  1. Aww very cute looking :)

    1. um? Alright do what you want then your a fool
    2. I did everything you guys are trying to do it made my acne 20 time worse but thats on you to do your own thing best of luck
    3. You guys really go to the extreme just for nothing candida diet is not all that
    4. MY red marks are like a month old at the most from april till now
    5. all smart i would do the picture thing but no camera You seem to hit everything good I like your diet too, same as me my mom says my skin looked better after she came back from vacation but when i see it not much of a difference maybe cuhs i stare too much at every little thing but thanks for the advice really helps thanks man
    6. On a healthy opinion what helps your skin heal quicker as in red marks or brown marks i have more of those simply by my skin color any opinions would be nice?
    7. nice improvement, what are you doing to get so much improvement?
    8. Mad props on the improvement Straight putting in work how old are you by the way? do you think its the pills helping on all the red marks or what?
    9. Ben those two things you said are so true and i will follow by that
    10. Yup same here with the jerking off but i stopped doing that shit when i notice the after affect so theres pretty much nothing a guy can do to get his hormones in control again?
    11. I had a question is there any way to fix your hormones after steroids once in my junior year of high school i did a course for 3 days later on 5 months i developed a jock itch for a while its gone now and bad acne due to hormones from milk,butter,sleep stress
    12. wynne Most of the ingredients weren't on that list. idk what to do
    13. bummmmmmmmmmmppppppppp......
    14. So ive always broken out from moisturizers and cleasers mainly from all the chemials but today i got a holistic natural soap The ingredients are : saponified vegetable oils(olive,rice,bran,coconut,organic palm,hemp,and shea butter),essentials oils, peppermint leaves, rosemary extract, and natural vitamin E my question is are any of these consider chemicals or harmful to the skin?