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  1. KrisstynaFoo

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  2. sorry for the late response but im peruvian and hows ur progress so far? hope everythings going good :)

    1. you are cute. i want to fuck the hell out of you.

      1. Ha that's a good question. Im kind of undecided.

        1. That's cool, what kind of major you looking into?

          1. No i'd have to stay in a dorm.


            1. Well thats good they are all close, close enough to commute from home or naw?

              1. Florida Gulf Coast U, U of South Fl, or UCF.

                1. Sweet, where do you plan on attending school?

                  1. Im a High school senior & i plan to go to college.

                    1. Yeah I go to a community school(freshman)


                      1. That sucks, where are you located then?