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  1. Hello all. I'm a 31 yo who has suffered from facial and back acne since I was 13. I've been on just about everything including just coming off a two year RX of Solidyn that my derm said had B- results. I've started 80mg a day Amnesteem just over three weeks ago. At first I went through some joint pain and dry lips. I can control that especially since I have a RX for a steroid ointment for the lips that really helps. Now I've had my IB for over two weeks and it's getting worse. I am so dry tha
  2. hey, go fuck yourself before you start telling me what I know and don't know. I stated that in my experience and in my opinion. Learn to accept that people are entitled express what works and doesn't for that person. And what side effects it may or may not have on a perticular person. If someone told me that they bath in Retin A and their skin never peeled, so be it. Everyone's skin acts in diff ways to diff meds. Remember that before you act like you are the see all know all of acne medicatio
  3. In my experience with SA, it above all other meds I have used, prolongs the healing of acne. Red spots last twice and sometimes three times as long to clear up when a topical spot SA treatment is used. Thats just my opinion.
  4. I've got some "specialy filtered" acne fighting water from an old Chinese recipe of just the right h 2 O concentration. This ancent recipe for facial washing is the oldest effective way to get clean known to man. Scientists say it dates back to 4000 bc. Water,....who would have thought?
  5. Well, generally, light takes a while to work on acne as it is. I know that when I get alot of sun, it clears me up. As long as I keep up on my cleaning routine due to over production of oils due to the drying of skin, ect.
  6. Taken out of Ladie's Home Journal July 2004 issue. A bright spot in acne treatment Effective acne treatments have been elusive, and come with side effects such as sun sensitivity and depression, but a revolutionary light therapy is changing all that. The new tratment works by using different wavelengths of light to stimulate the bod's immune system to attack acne-causing bacteria. "It literally gobbles up the bacteria," says Cindy Graf, a laser-light expert at Laser Centers of Wisconsin, in Mi
  7. same here. I tried natures cure. Pills and spray. Didn't work for me at all. Although the chewable mint flavored pill kept my breath fresh
  8. wipes are great. I use them all the time. However, I have used some that say they prevent oil, but all wipes I have used end up cutting oil, but still leave a dry shine on my face which visualy is the same glare level as oily skin.
  9. I was walking through Longs Drugs the other day and happened to see this small tube of blackhead-acne treatment on the shelve next to all of the other acne products. I don't remember the name or it's active chemical, but I do remember that this small orange and white tube was about 30 bucks! Ever happen to you? You wonder.."if it is that expensive, it has to work".
  10. I have used it. IMO, it didn't help prevent breakouts, but it did dull existing acne. I wish I could believe the whole "draw out impurities from pores" thing.
  11. It does work. I do not know the long term effects, but I do know that after 11g a day for about four months, my kidneys hurt anytime I drank booze. With the added b5, the booze must have overworked them. At one time, I pissed a bit of blood. I cut my dose after that and only now have started taking it again. It does work. But it is expensive, and a pain in the bum to take so many pills a day.
  12. Only brand of B5 I can find around my parts comes from Longs Drugs. It is "Radiance" At 500 mg a pill (the highest dose I can find) I take about 15 pills a day.