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  1. Hi, I get these white bumps all over my face, they are only visible when i stretch the skin but they are full of a soft white substance which can be squeezed out. The majority of spots i get seem to appear in the areas which a filled with these bumps and i'm guessing they are the cause of the acne so i'm trying to identify what they are and how they can be treated. I've included a pic (the lump is my tongue by the way ) Thanks!
  2. Well i'll stop taking the tablets and let you know what happens, how long should i stop taking them for to get an idea on their effect? It's just strange how they didn't work before when i was on them for like a year and when i came off them nothing much changed.
  3. I started with acne at 13. It never really bothered me up until i was about 16 and it started getting bad, for the past two years I've been trying everything to clear up my face. I was suffering from extremely inflamed lumps at first which later developed into mild cyst like acne. At any one time there could be like 2 to 3 on my face and covered approximately a large finger tip size mark on my face. The inflammation was terrible, i have naturally olive skin and the redness was still overwhelmin
  4. Oh she's not that bothered i'm more concerned about my own confidence issues. Yea i suppose telling her wouldn't be a bad thing i just thought if there is a way of compromising on these odd occasions. Thanks
  5. SUDOCREM!! people really underestimate the rapid action of this treatment! it literally healed my face of 4-6 blistered spots in like 5 days! plus it's cheap as hell and it covers the wound up nicely to stop it looking so bold and ugly.
  6. Hey, My girlfriends mum keeps asking when i'm going to stay over at her house for the night. I'm looking forward to it but i don't want to break out in the morning from skipping the regime! Also, i don't want to apply the bp at her house because my face will probably stink for ages which will probably be awkward in the kissing scenario! Also if it ruins the bedding i will be seriously embarassed!! Any ideas on what to do? i was thinking of just taking some wiping pads but i'm not sure if this
  7. Ok thanks, i've been using Nivea for men moisturizer. Not really sure what peoples thoughts are on this brand but it was fairly expensive in comparison to others. I'll try applying small amounts though thanks for the advice!
  8. Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place i apologise if i've posted in the wrong forum. Basically i've been applying a Benzoyl Peroxide gel once a day before i go to bed after washing. I've tried to apply the BP in a morning as well but i keep getting really dry skin even with moisturizer so during the day i've been applying a 4% Nicotinoamide gel which is supposed to work effectively. The BP has been really effective for me during the evening as i wake up with barely any new spots however d