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  1. That is exactly what my face looks like, desperate to know what it is
  2. I am in the same boat, I go like a week or longer just clear. Then they come in a wave, and take so much more time to heal
  3. Yea I was gonna cut back my drinking, never really did. I was fine
  4. Would you honestly give up sex, just for a clearer face?
  5. They are painless and not very noticable, unless I am in direct sunlight. But I am 1.5 monthes into the course, and I have so many little bumps all over my face. Now I did a search and found some similar posts, but my question is did anyone else get these bumps? And if so, was it during or after your course, and how long did they last? As it stands I can't bear to feel my face, especially my forheard, its like ski hill with all the mogles.
  6. I am just into the 1 month mark, and my face is about the same as it was before I began, my only concern is that there are soo many little bumps, and I feel are so noticable and it bothers me
  7. I drank the night before my blood test, I have not changed any drinking patterns since I got onto accutane to be honest
  8. YO, that happens to me too, I get almost symmetrical breakouts, I always thought it might be genetic, it couldnt be random
  9. My tattoos are all fine, and I got my leg worked on a month into the course. and It turned out fine
  10. Yea I dont see alot of girls with acne problems at my college, unless they are all champions at covering it all up
  11. I was on Mino for a year, and it was by far the best year of my life. after about a year, it became much less effective, and I have tried to find alternative routes I have an accutane prescription I plan on resuming once I return from cuba next week
  12. Its probably not as bad as I make it seem, but I dwell on it to much. I feel I stand out of my friends, and they all notice. But in all reality I probably over think it
  13. I am very interested in trying ACV to see if it can help my situation, but I honestly can barely handle the smell of it. I wonder if putting it in flavoured water might help..