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  1. Hey guys. i used to have very bad cystic acne that left me with a few scars. Now i only have a very light acne thats barely visible, i was just wondering if i will still be able to get scar treatments with this very light ane?
  2. I just took my first accutane pill (40mg) and i just all of a suden feel like im not prepared for the symptoms... i know moisturizing and hydration are the big one's but anything else i should take into consideration? help plz!
  3. Hey guys i was just wondering what are some things that could help to prevent the initial accutane breakout? or even things i should buy to protect myself from harmful side effects?... (Vitamins, Foods, etc...) info will b much appreciated.....
  4. Hey, i was just about to post the same thing... ive been getting these little red bumps all on my nose and a lot around the nostrils.. its getting petty annoying i stopped using it and its already beginning to fade away... i was only using it for about 3 weeks but i had a feeling it as gonna worsen.
  5. thanks for the reply guys im definetly goin on accutane.... and to iamnotemo u r hott! jus thought id let u kno.
  6. I was prescribed 100 mg. of doxycycline a few weeks ago... took it twice a day for about a week until i had one night of EXTREME vomiting and diarrhea.. i was not worried since that is a common side effect of doxy so i stopped using it and am now planning on going to the derm. and asking for accutane since im having a bad reaction to doxy but what i was wondering is if doxy made me vomit will accutane have the same effect? or are they just two completely different things?
  7. hey thanks for the reply, yes i am compltely aware of the sid eects and have tried many regimens, but a derm tht i am not insured with says that accutane is my only route because i have steatocystoma multiplex.... thanx for the warnin though
  8. Hey everyone, im fairly new to the site but i just wanted to say that im going to the derm. on friday to ask for accutane.... wut to expect? and if he doesnt agree with accutane what r some ways of convincing him?... thanks in advance.
  9. yea i know it sux cuz those eye creams r really expensive..... ive stopped the BP during the day and it feels a lot better... a little dryness, darkness is still there but puffiness is decreasing.... i hope i can get rid of this because i look like im always tired.
  10. yea im thinking about jus stopping the BP since im going on accutane soon.... anyone know if sacrylic acid is a little more gentle?
  11. does anyone else get puffy eyes and dark cicles around their eyes from BP irritation? ever since i began the regimen ive noticed the dark circles under my eyes and also a lot of puffiness.... anyone else have this problem? btw im not rubbing the BP under my eyes i think since its right under my eyes its irritating it.