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  1. I guess that means its starting to work...only about five months left lol
  2. Is it unusual for your skin to get super oily when you start accutane?. I'll wash my face and 5 minutes later its oily again, and i mean really really oily.
  3. My skin is literally more oily than I have ever seen. Is this normal? No dry or chapped lips yet.
  4. Should I avoid any types of food or beverage? also What should I be eating?. I understand fatty foods help the absorption of tane. Any advice? Thanks
  5. Can I ask what dose you are on? Let me know how its working out for you over the next few weeks. Good luck!
  6. I have extremely mild, and sometimes moderate acne on my face. Sometimes my face is totally clear. The problem is that I have very bad cystic acne on my chest back and shoulders. I was prescribed 40mg once per day. I finally gave up after trying antibiotics, proactive, differin, stevimiacin gel, and pretty much everything else under the sun with no effect. Im a 28 years old guy and have not been to beach since I was 13 years old. On a family vacation to the bahamas I didn't even go swimmin