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  1. Oh damn, like i said. I took my last pill 3 days ago. havent rly been breaking out for the last month except small zits but today when i woke up i found a fucking cyst on my right cheek!!!!!:S Is this normal for directly after accutane? i dunno what to do atm cus im seriously scared that the medicine hasnt been working for me? should i call my derm and ask for some other medicine?? please help me people:(
  2. But the thing is that ill be done with the course the 7th if everything goes like ive planed. The week when im gonna be drinking a lot is from the 21st and forward. Will it be safe or is the accutane still be in my body?? And how many ppl here have experianced an breakout when they uped their dose to 80mg. I just upped it myself to 70mg and theres no real difference yet..hopefully i wont break out again! Day 103 Uhh, sry im not updating so very often. I just don't see any use in updating every
  3. Please people, will u help me!! I need answers to my questions so I know if I need to up my dosage or not. 1. Im gonna finish my course like 10 days before a skiing trips to the alps and theres gonna be some excessive drinking going on there, so my question is will the medicine be out of my system by then, will it be safe for me to drink? 2. Do you think that increasing my dose from 60 to 80 make me break out again? thanks... day 96 Started to break out a little bit again i guess.. hopefully
  4. Okayyy, its been a while since the last update. was gone during christmas..but doesnt seem like to much ppl read this anyway so.. Anyways Day 95 Passed my 3 month mark just 5 days ago!!!!! crazyness! I only have like a month and a half left of my course which is aweeeeeeesome.. I kind of need some help tho. im gonna finish my course like 10 days before a skiing trips to the alps and theres gonna be some excessive drinking going on, so my question is will the medicine be out of my system by the
  5. Day 87 Fuck... I just realized when i was lookin at my left side of the face its not very bumpy anymore (not for now atleast), i know that should be a good thing but it rly isnt right now:S It means all the ugly fucking red things i assumed were zits are actually red marks and pih that are gonna tkae fucking ages to go away. damn, this just destroyed my day. I've never gotten these ridicoulusely big red marks before, i mean..i've always gotten red marks from zits, just not the size of these suck
  6. thanks devendra, ye i know patiance is important while on accutane, just wish my patiance was better:) grats to being clear tho!!! rly hope it stays that way for ya Day 85 Feels like the zits from the last outbreak are starting to die down a lil bit. hopefully to many red marks wont be left after em. A couple of new zits formed in the last few days tho.. i realllly wanna be clear by the time christmas break is over which is 3 weeks from now. But i knoww, gotta have patiance, hah. Same side eff
  7. day 83 hah, yesterday was pretty funny. i went to the derm like i said and got like 10 cortisone shots. it huurt pretty bad but it was still totally worth it! he put like 4 big band aids on my face so everybody was staring at me on the way home, it was pretty funny:) the cortisone shots seemes to have worked pretty good on a few zits and there is not rly any difference on some others. but its still worth it. Skin looks a lil bit better than yesterday i think but still a lot of stuff on my fac
  8. Day 83 Okay, Since school got cancelled cus it was to cold today (hmm?) i decided i would go to the derm and take some cortisone shots so it will all calm down a lil bit.. Last time I tried cortisone shots it didnt rly work but im hoping it will this time. wish me luck... got the apointment in an hour!
  9. I think you should totally go on accutane so u can clear that shit up for good if ur lucky:) Im on accutane month 3 almost and i still break out pretty badly but its just as bad as it was before i went on accutane i think.. Earlier i was on minocycline and almost exactly the same creams as u and it worked alright but still.. Just not having to put all those creams on every night and morning is such a relief so just that makes the whole thing worth it:) There's no way to know if ur gonna get a ba
  10. Day 81 o boooo, still looks like shit, no difference from yesterday..
  11. Hi, So i finally decided to start a accutane log, I've been on accutane (roaccutan) for 2 months and 3 weeks now and since the 3 month mark is the time when a lot of ppl are starting to see imrovement i decided i would make a log.. Anyway, like i said, ive been on accutane 2 months and 3 weeks almost. I'm Swedish, 18 years old and weigh about 140 punds i would guess?~ I started out first month with 40 mg a day and since the start of month 2 ive basically been on 60mg a day (50mg a day for a wee