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  1. I had the same problem :[ Don't touch the area you've tweezed/waxed afterwards; I noticed it increases chances for more trouble! I use astrigent/toner afterwards, and it seems to help. After you pull out the hair follicle, dirt can go in and create havoc :[ Don't touch!
  2. I used to try to avoid the topic, but sometimes I talk about it. They all generally have clear skin... it sort of hurts tho when they get one tiny pimple and start ranting about it. Piff~
  3. None of my friends understand the effects and causes of acne. It really makes me mad when they suggest that I try "washing my face" or "stop eating junk food". Tonight my high school senior prom is going on... but I didn't go because I didn't want to ruin the idea of how I wanted my prom to be. Acne wasn't supposed to last this long.... but I can't really blame everything on acne... I don't know. I try not to let it seem like my acne bugs me in real life, but recently I'm a bit paranoid tha
  4. I think we should respect the fact that people have different perspectives on religion, and shouldn't be debated on to respect their values. But going on anyways, I've been in your shoes. I felt like a burden to my family, not only with acne, but with everything I want to "fix". Not only is my skin bad, but my eyes are horrible. I felt bad everytime I bugged my parents to get me new glasses (they're NOT cheap!). I felt bad everytime I asked my mother to take me to my skincare place to treat
  5. Smiling reminds me of how crooked my teeth are. ._. ;; but I think this is a great idea :] Let's see.. jokes... Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 "8" 9. (it's cheezy I know! XD; )
  6. I'm really sorry... but I don't know what you mean when you say that you have 0 social life. If I saw you walking down the street.. I don't know. You just look like a person with high confidence.
  7. I learned about a month ago how Korean celebrities keep their faces so blemish-free: facials. This is pretty much every single week, one to three times a week, and their face is CLEAN. I saw pictures and TV shows where they wash their face completely of any make up for some thing and I was surprised at how clean their face was. I don't even think they even know what a zit is. The biggest problem for them was their slightly enlarged pores or dark circles. (Psh!) So there's a few facial pla
  8. I had lunch with my friend and her mom. First before I even tell you what the topic was all about, her mother is really pretty. When I first met her and she later told me that her mom listened to rap, I totally imagined a old-ish asian lady driving in the freeway trying to stay "in with it". But she totally isn't; she looks like she's in her thirties when she's actually closer being almost fifty. Her face is flawless. This is probably the aftermath of having acne for so long--I notice skin
  9. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * If you don't want to look there, this is what they are looking for:
  10. See, when I was in elementary school, all I was concerned of was having fun. The whole entire school was. No "he-said she-said" bull crap or what. We thought dating was gross, holding hands with someone of the opposite gender was gross, and most of all, we didn't give a shit about make up and looking "hot". That should be normal! I'm only 17! That wasn't that long ago! I have friends just a few years younger and they share stories of how in elementary school, some girls started wearing ma
  11. I'm in. Up until yesterday night, I was still upset and went to bed teary-eyed because I can't stand it anymore. Fuck that. I don't deserve this. Neither does anyone in this forum. I'm going to get rid of it and give my LIFE. Awesome post! :]
  12. Ugh. I'm sorry you went through similar things as I went through but...God. 8 years of acne? I don't think I can stand it anymore :c I want it GONE. I really admire your attitude towards it tho... :] And true -_-;; maybe find a cure and then do that... hahaha... (not really)
  13. And one last thing... The biggest thing that pisses me off is the fact that the girl who used to sit behind me in history class was a total party girl (drugs, smoking, alcohol--you name it) and had perfect skin. She apparently doesn't even wash her face before "sleeping". She drinks with friends then just passes out on the carpet. And she always ate greesy chips and whatnot. Then she asked me if I ate chips, and why my face was like this. "Oh, I don't know. I don't do drugs, don't smoke o
  14. I'm so sick of it! I hate waiting! I'm a pretty patient person, but I'm just so sick of it now. I can't take it anymore. I know some people have it worse. I know some people had it longer. But 4 and a half years?! Give me a break! I've been patient. But why?! When I was 13, I started getting some acne. Sort of loser-ish too. But I kept hope and planned to be the person I wanted to be when I got into high school. No. I became more of the person I didn't want to be. I became cynical
  15. Judge me however, but I'd break up with this inconsiderate boyfriend and date with that co-worker. If he doesnt care for your feelings, he obviously doesn't care about you. Maybe something else? You're not married to him. Ontop of that you said that there's nothing much happening between the two of you anyways? Maybe he's getting tired or not feeling the same way when you two first met. And you didn't mention anything about being engaged. You're young. You're in your twenties. I say g