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  1. I haven't heard of anyone else using the BlueLight or Clearlight treatment with the acid but it might increase the effectivness of the light. There have been mixed reviews about Clearlight, The Aminolevulinic acid is more commonly used for some other skin conditions but all its doing is increasing the skin's sensitivity to light. Personally the treatment seems experimental, but there should be no adverse reactions, seems worth a shot. Keep everyone posted on the Acne research forum. Good Luck.
  2. You can start with a mild glycolic like 10% you can buy it at your local pharmacy. Get the oil free formula. Use it one daily for a month then you can move up to 20% you can find it on ebay for under $10. Start that at about 5min 2 times a week and work your way up gradually. Maybe you should post a pic of your scars, some times what you think are scars are still acne. Its the type that doesn't come out from the skin just looks red, but when it finally goes away it will leave a rolling scar. Th
  3. I bought 2 from replacement lightbulbs as well, I figure 1 for each side, the original study used about 400 watt intensity, so I figured 300 is pretty close. I haven't tried mine yet, having a hard time to find a lamp that can take 150 watts. Any suggestions? In the original study the lamp was placed 25cm or about 10 inches from the face. How close do you put it. Does it really get that hot? How long have you been using it? Results?
  4. Got a Question for those who have done the ClearLight treatment, about how far was the device placed from your face? I bought 2 bulbs, GE DICHRO Blue 150 watts each , the same that are carried on one of the sites. But I'm trying to determine what will be the effective distance of placement next to the skin. Also if anyone else has experimented with these bulbs, have you found any research that actually shows what wavelength these put out. Found the bulb on GE website but no technical data.
  5. Hi check out the thread a couple of pages back that I started called "needling myself". Someone had given me a very informative link all about needling. No I don't believe its illegal, she was probably not comfortable doing it. So its best you not use her any way. The link also has a list of trained individuals who also do needling for scaring. Maybe you'll be close by.
  6. I guess this question is for the guys, however I'm open to the ladies thoughts and Ideas. I'm contemplating getting a TCA peel to treat my shallow scars. Just a passing thought, but how will my facial hair affect my skin. Once the skin starts crusting wil the hair be able to penetrate the skin or will it get stuck, kind of like in grown hairs. I was just worried that it may cause a breakout . Sounds a bit odd, but how about your experience?
  7. I would reccomend you to stop using the SA if you want to try the glycolic. I have been using the glycolic for some time and think its great just don't leave it on to long. I use a 20% each eveing after I wash for 5 minutes then rinse off throughly. Glycolic or lactic all fall under the category of AHA's, atleast glycolic acid has been proven effective.
  8. Here's what I suggest A.M. Gentle cleanser, BP, Moisturize PM. Gentle cleanser, Glycolic Acid, rinse well, BP, moisturize I started this with good results. The glycolic acid will help exfoliate and decreases oil production. Also excellent at reducing red marks and scars. I would reccomend using a 20% solution (found online) for about a half hour. Currently I some times do a 70% once every 2 weeks for 5 minutes. This is the very strong stuff they use in the derm office. you can find it on eba
  9. Hi for those of you who use the BP gel, does it make your skin shinny? I have some left over proactiv and don't like to wear it during the day because of shine. I know some you complain about on the spot because of the whiteish look, but the thing I liked about it was that it did not shine, is BP gel closer to that?