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  1. thanks for the replies guys! i got the bobbi brown foundation stick cos it seemed to offer good(still not perfect) coverage for the red/brown marks, and it was a perfect colour match--but-- i dont like it that much cos its so damn SHINY! it makes my face look veryyy greasy and shiny sooo quickly..i didnt think it was that much of a problem when i tried it on in the shop, but i wore it on my first day of college and omg i was sooo shiny all day, so embarassing! so i might just use it when i go o
  2. i've heard that bobbi brown makeup is the best kind of match for indian skin tones cos of the yellow undertones. does anyone here (indian or not!) use bobbi brown and not break out from them? if so, which makeup exactly?im considering the foundation stick, yellow powder to set it, or the blemish concealor...all to cover my red/brown marks. anyone used these? what do u think of them? do they last all day?(i dont want it all melting away in a couple of hours when im out!)..and most importantly of
  3. i tried this a few months ago but i only put it on at nite for like a month, so no improvement seen. then my doc gave me retin a which is working well. but since i only used the fade out cream for a month once a day, i thnk it mite work for others but i didnt really give it a chance so.... also i didnt really think it wud work that well coz its for marks such as sun spots and freckles which r made of melanin, so its supposd to fade out the melanin, so i didnt think it wud help with red mark
  4. f49zor5 whats the 'special moisturiser' called?
  5. hi i think if its just red marks you're trying to get rid of, u should use retin-a coz i had really bad red marks on my cheeks but i use retin-a and they're going away. Before this i thought i had no hope and that my face was ruined forever but it seems to be working, so maybe it will give u hope........ if not u can always use peels or try the tape method....... hope i helped ~nk~
  6. nk


    i got this huge spot the other day but i dont know whether its a cyst---it was big and red and kinda swollen around the middle bit. the middle had these two heads, like they were pores. when it popped, a whole load of crap came out, way more than your average pimple, and now i have a huge scar i think it was caused by vaseline; the other night i put vaseline under my eyes coz someone said it helped with lines. i woke up and i had this spot that just kept getting bigger.not trying that again co
  7. i went to the chinese herbal peeps about 2 yrs ago and they gave me this brown lotion stuff that really REAKED of like rotting bananas, but i endured it for a few months and my spots did get a bit smaller (according to my mother) but it was like £20 for a really small bottle and i didn't see that much of a difference, so i went back and she gave me these pills to take. They were spherical and i had to take 40 day!!! it gave me an initial breakout, but after a few months i got sick of taking the
  8. did anyone get a breakout from using vaseline? 'coz its basically just oil...if u rub some on a white piece of paper, it turns it practically see-thru, (--thats the test for oily products btw, if the product turns the paper transparent, like grease-proof paper, then it has oil in it) 8) but i did try the vaseline under the eyes and woke up with a spot, on my cheek near my eyes where i applied it, that just kept getting bigger and bigger (dunno if it was a cyst).now its popped and left a scar!
  9. revlon colourstay foundation claims its oil-free but its not. they only say it to sell their product---it doesnt have any animal or vegetable oil in it , but it does have synthetic oil which can clog pores and cause breakouts. its not against the law to label something as 'oil fee' if it has synthetic oils in it , so watch out ---always read the ingredients.
  10. i've seen this product on QVC shopping channel in the uk and i nearly bought it. i've just checked the ingredients and it has cocoa butter in it which is SUPER acne aggravating, so i think it's the product more than the muslin cloth. hope i helped--nk.
  11. I've been using this for a week now and its quite good, just one problem; sometimes after i put it on, i get this white residue on my face which is really annoying. Has anyone else tried this and had this problem? (ps. this happens even without using the bp, so it can't be that )
  12. yeah, water does the job coz it doesnt really dry your skin out so it doesnt make it produce more oil to compensate (causing spots). i recommend u try it for a few weeks and see.(wash ur face about once a week with a gentle cleanser, but maybe twice if ur face is greasy)
  13. i tried that once and it goes really greasy after a while. plus i found it was kinda waxy so i thought it was blocking my pores. but everyone's different so..............