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  1. Eddie, if you truly want to start eating more of a vegetarian/vegan style diet, you should read the book Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I'm pretty sure it's the kind of diet you may be looking for. Also, you are more than likely elligible for food stamps. Good luck man
  2. A dream. I'd go to the closest store and knock all of the cereal boxes off the shelf and roll around in the isle crying while Clint Mansell composed a song that was inspired by the whole event.
  3. Chris Brown was able to attract Rihanna, which means I can too. My dreams have come true all thanks to this thread. Great thread. Pin this thread. I love this thread. Thread.
  4. I agree with Altered. It'll be hard to resist washing your face at first, but eventually you get used to it. Letting the water from your shower head hit your face directly can also dry out your skin and the pressure from the water could irritate any spots you currently have. Also, tap water is terrible for your skin.
  5. Honey is high-glycemic and could possibly cause problems for you. If you do eat it, make sure it's raw and in a solid form, not the liquid stuff.
  6. Holy damn man, you make everything look so good! lol
  7. What about factors other than diet? Things like how long is your hair? Do you sleep on your side or on your back so your face doesn't touch the pillow? Do you touch your skin? Do you let the water from your shower head hit your face directly? Do you change your pillowcases and towels at least twice a week? How do you dry your skin when you get out of the shower? Do you use any cleansers or moisturizers or any skin products? Do you shave your facial hair in the direction the hair is growing and
  8. There have been studies linking milk to acne and a lot of members on this board, including myself, break out from milk. Some people say that milk is beneficial to drink if you can find a distributor for raw milk, but I don't know the details for that. Also, anytime I eat peanuts or peanut butter, I'll develop a few random whiteheads, so the peanuts could have definitely broken you out. As for a milk alternative, you could try unsweetened coconut, almond, oat, hemp, or rice milk. I'd avoid soy.
  9. Thanks for the reply man, it was pretty much what I was looking for lol. I'm currently eating fish, lentils, fruits, vegetables, and skinless chicken breast from this farmer's market I go to. And I stay clear of nuts altogether, they make me break out on my neck. Thanks for the information, this really should get pinned.
  10. This post should be pinned lol. Josh, one question though, what do you put in your green smoothies? Do you use bananas, mangoes, and/or any other high calorie fruits along with the greens? So you just drink green smoothies and eat fish? Do you eat any chicken, legumes, gluten-free grains, or nuts? Thanks
  11. HORSE The Man

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    Holistic? I think so.