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  1. Just wanted to share my thoughts/experience on this Medlite procedure! I have been having terrible breakouts this past 2 weeks which left bad embarrassing blemishes which I haven't had in a really long time! So I went in for a Medlite which was quick and easy and to my surprise, a lot cheaper than before, it cost me $75 compared to $150, I'm guessing maybe the ailing economy might have something to do with it, but w/e. Anyways, I had it done yesterday, and I see really good positive result to
  2. I saw a cool derm yesterday, just wanted to see what kind of topical stuff I could use for my acne, to keep things under control for the time being till I go on the Accutane next month! He suggested CLENZIderm($130), its a system/kit....when I purchased it, I thought this might just be another expensive form of Proactiv, but I needed something because I wasn't using anything topical on my face! Much appreciative to hear some testimonials if anyone has tried this stuff!
  3. My derm put me on Solodyn 10 days ago because I started having minor breakouts!!! My acne is worse now, in like years!!!(BULLSHIT, I got tons of blemishes and I'm heading home for the Holidays with shit load of redness) Anywayz....I never heard of this drug before, but all I've read on this is HORRIBLE! Luckily I just started on it and only experienced the initial breakout and some itchiness from it. The side effects are crazy, the risks are bad, you can actually get other major illnesses fr