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  1. Still clear. I think its still too early to tell if they are going to stay clear.
  2. I was on antibiotics for 8 years and my acne was changing. I started breaking out in places that I almost never break out in. I also had some problems with my thyroid on and off and I would get sick quite during the winter. I think that a combination of the antibiotics depleting my good bacteria in my gut and the unhealthy college lifestyle I was living was having an effect on my health. So in January I threw out the antibiotics because I knew that they were making my health worse. I've been
  3. Good info Hope. However, I said that my face was getting more oily the further I went on with the fast. Although blackheads may have nothing to do directly with your liver, would it be fair to say that if one's liver is not fully functioning that it could lead to certain deficiencies and imbalances that could lead acne and blackheads. Now that I have ended my fast and have been eating healthy foods(no processed, sugar, gluten) in order to get my digestion back to normal, my oil production is s
  4. I had been using psyillium husk for a couple of weeks and eating a good amount of fiber in my diet. All this did was back me up more. What I did was eliminate the PH and started adding more fruit into my diet with good fats. I was consuming a lot of protein and I believe that combined with PH is what was backing me up. Also, a salt water flush should be an effective way to get things moving again. Upon waking up, drink a large glass of warm water with two teaspoons of sea salt. This is a g
  5. I hardly crave sweets. I'm the one who at during thanksgiving and christmas does not care about saving room for dessert. I'd much rather enjoy a good steak then say cake.
  6. I did a 5 day water fast in order to heal my digestive system. I noticed on the fourth day that although my face was a little bit oiler than normal around my nose and under my eyes, the blackheads in the area were clearing. The fast also brough some impurities under my skin to hte surface in the process. I have now been off the fast for only 2 days and they seem to still be going away. My belief is that by allowing my body to rest and detox I was able to eliminate a great deal of toxins t
  7. I'm pretty convinced that I have leaky gut. Basically I was on anitbiotics for 8 years and it messed up my digestive system. After eating meals with heavy starches my back gets fatigued and I have also developed alergies over the past couple of years that I did not have during my teeage years. If you decide that you have leaky gut then I will give you the advice that I myself am in the process of doing now. My regimen: Water Fast for 5 days: I know that this sounds quite extreme and I sup
  8. I as well have problems now eating certain foods that I have ate for years and I believe that I know why. I took antibiotics for 8 years and they did a number on my stomach. One can develop dysbiosis(unbalanced intestinal flora) in their gut from taking antibiotics long term. This is especially true if you live an unhealthy lifestyle like myself. I was in college so I drank three nights a week, ate processed foods constantly and did not replenish the good bacteria in my stomach because I was
  9. I play baseball and dip whenever I play and occasionally when I'm not playing I do as well. I have never seen any connection with dipping and acne. Also, if you don't chew past the age of 23, your chances of developing oral cancer are greatly decreased.
  10. I'm just giving an update of my situation. I have been very strict with my diet and I have not had a flare up. However, the acne has been pretty persistent. I believe that it has been persistent because I believe that what I actually have fungal folliculitis. Basically my skin was pretty good last summer until I got back into lifting. My shoulders broke out after a couple weeks and had a bunch of small tiny bumps. I could not get rid of these so I made another dermatologist appointment. Wh
  11. I would definately recommend doing it on a weekend. You will be in and out of the bathroom all morning and early afternoon. So don't have any plans made for the following day.
  12. I have now did two liver flushes. I did one in the beginning of January and just did one a couple days ago. The first flush, only a few stones came out. However, the second flush I had probably between 40 and 50. Right now I'm cleasing because the antibiotics I have been on for 8 years have really did a number on my health. Its still too early to tell if it helped with my acne. If you do decide to do it I would definately recommend using apple juice mixed with the epsom salts because epsom s
  13. I forgot to mention that I have been eating eggs like mad man. I've also been eating fish(tuna, perch, haddock). Also, I'm curious as to how you know when your Candida is under control? Does anyone have a time frame of how long it took? Thanks!
  14. I had stuck with my strict diet of meat and vegetables up until this past weekend. I was visiting family and decided I could break the program for the weekend and eat pizza and and bread. Well now the coating on my tongue that was doing better is now back as it was before I started the regimen. Also, my face broke along my jaw, forehead and temple. I definately believe that the food is what caused this break out. I just did a liver flush yesterday and am now going back to the meat and veget
  15. Thanks. Some good info there. My die-off symptoms have not really been that bad. I've had a few headaches and have not been able to fall asleep at night. I know that my stomach is messed up from all the antibiotics over the years, but i'm still not sure if I actually have Candida or not. I'm going to finish the cleansing process regardless and see where I stand after that.