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  1. Hi everyone. I recently stopped applying bp after using the medication and following DKR for almost 3 years! I owe so much to the regimen, the last 3 years would have been unbearable had I not had such a great regimen to help keep my acne at bay. Now I believe I have finally out grown my acne...I have been able to steadily reduce the amount of bp applied to my face over the last year. From applying just in the evening, to every other evening etc. and now I havent applied BP in over two weeks and
  2. that brand of BP is very harsh on the skin, you might want to either try the oxy on the spot as anna sugguested or order some of dans gel off the internet. Shipping is usually very fast, I live in the uk and it gets to me well under the 2 weeks they sugguest you allow for delivery. pan oxyl isnt really suited to the regimen im afraid. Good luck!
  3. i think your problem is htat your using panoxyl aquagel 5...panoxyl is terribly drying and harsh even in its lowest strength! Could you buy Dans bp? or look for another product in your local chemists maybe. Good luck
  4. i stopped shaving when i went travelling and my skin broke out less too....and the hair didn't bleach, unlike my fringe does...grrrrr
  5. Hi there, glad you've decided to try the regimen, I'm sure it will help your skin a great deal. Just a little advice though....there really isn't any need to steam your face in hot water every morning, when I'm in the shower i only let the water touch my face as i wash my hair...hot water causes irritation which isnt good for the skin, especially during the break in period on the regimen. I only wash my face once a day and it works perfectly for me. Good luck, hope you get the results you desire
  6. I did a once a day application at night with good results, still continued to do the other steps in the morning just left out the bp. I've started to apply twice a day again now as my skin is much less sensative in the summer....although i was fine with once a day application I still had the occasional pimple
  7. I have also found that once a day application of BP is enough to control my acne. I decided to switch from the twice a day application becuase my skin was permanantly red and irritated. I only wash my face with soap once a day as well, usualy in the evening before applying bp. Using soap and bp only in the evening helps conciderably with irritation. In the mornings I simply wash with warm water and moisturize.
  8. If i've been smoking for a few days quite heavily I can gaurantee acne will form around my mouth, puts me off now which is a good thing
  9. I've been on the regimen for about 8 months. It's only been since we've had cold weather that my face has become irritated and red. I can't wait for the warmer weather again! I have noticed that when I get out of the shower in the morning my skin tone looks perfect. It isn't until I put on the moisturizer that my face starts to look a bit iffy, and extreme temperature change on top of that makes my skin look horrible and red I've switched moisturizer, which got rid of the flakiness but not th
  10. I'm really pleased for you, the results are great. I've asked this before I know but never got an answer, does anyone know where I can have this procedure done in the uk?
  11. I have decided to look into having temporary filler such as retalyne injected into my scars. I was wondering if anybody could recommend a clinic in the UK, preferably in the midlands, where you have received a good service and pleasing results
  12. Hi, I've been doing dans regimine for about 6 months,maybe longer, and iit has been the best thing I've ever done to control my acne. Towards the end of the summer my skin was great, I had the occasional pimple but other than that my skin was flawless. Then the winter hit (I live in england by the way) I have been forced to drop the amount of bp I use significantly, luckily this hasn't affected the results in the way I would have expected, however my skin remains to get really red after I've bee
  13. Hi everybody After about 5 years I've recently got my acne problem under control. Now I'd like to try and sort my scars. Over the past couple of months I've been researching diferent treatments and been a little dissapointed with whats on offer, especially bacuase all the treatements seems to be floored. The scars which bother me most are the boxcars....I have 2 on my right cheek and 1 on the left. I also have an ice pick scar and some scarred pores which I'm not so bothered about. The boxcars
  14. I used to use lots of BP but then the winter hit and the cold weather caused me a lot of iritation and my skin which had looked great through the summer suddenly looked terrible. I started to get these tiny pimples on my nose and moustache area which i found out were due to irritation. I now apply about a third of a fingers worth morning and night and use baking soda and apple cider viniger in the evenings before i do the regimine. At the momment this seems to be keeping my acne at bay and my sk