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  1. burns skin

    Ive been using this stuff for more than 6mos now and burns so bad everytime i use it. It doesnt feel moisturizing to me but oily. I had to finish this product because it cost me almost $20
  2. Paradoxurus


    Winter has started. My acne has gone worse.
  3. Not even a week and i tell you it works wonders

    my acne condition was at a moderate severe rate before i used this which was almost a week ago. i noticed that my skin wasn't responding to Duac like it used to so i changed up my regimen and gave steiva-a a shot. i had alot of flair ups and nodes on my chin and started using this 5 days ago and now they're all almost flat and im only on 0.025% . this cost me $14 for a 25g tube and worth it.. down side of this is the dry and flaky skin other than that its great!!
  4. Paradoxurus

    Not so soothing

    Not so soothing

    Refreshing feeling Weird smells Broke me out Skin oily less than 30 mins No doubt its refreshing after washing my face with this unfortunately this didnt help my acne problem, my face oiled up after less than 30mins
  5. Paradoxurus

    I didnt work for me

    I didnt work for me

    Not irritating Worsen acne Expensive I gave t a hot and thought this was the one for me.. Unfortunately it did nothing for me.. It wasnt harsh nor irritating to the skin but did a number on me.. I used the stuff for probably 4-5 weeks and my acne got worse..
  6. gmagamit palang ako ng BP panoxyle.. moderate severe kasi yung akin
  7. Paradoxurus

    acne before using panoxyl

    me.. i think its severe acne =(