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  1. when i was 16 i found out my grandpa n grandma were divorced n my grandpa was seeing other women. so i one day i asked my dad if that bothered him. and he told me that my grandpa is a MAN, he is old enough to make his own decisions IN HIS OWN LIFE. ....so im 18 and i feel like im old enough to make my own decisions now, so why should someone elses LOVE LIFE or WHATEVER KIND OF RELATIONSHIP SOMEONE ELSE IS IN effect me. so wut im trying to say is that let your dad love whoever he wants to love,
  2. when i was on accutane i stopped using any other meds for acne, i stopped going to the gym cuz i always felt like sweating made it worse, but wash ur face gently morning, afternoon, before bed. and remember it takes time, but it will get better, i cant remember how many mg i took, i just trusted my dermatologist. sorry if it doesnt help, i try
  3. yea i would get jealous , and yea i would get angry that my friends had perfect skin and they never washed there face, and we would drink n smoke all the time and nothing happened to them.
  4. after u took accutane in high school and your skin cleared, did you continue to was your face daily?
  5. My junior year in high school, iam a VARSITY all- league, all-county football n baseball player , i had many friends, loved going out , hanging out with all my friends, every weekend party, and so on.. about the end of january 2007 my shoulders started to get real red and started to hurt real bad, the slightest touch would put me in massive pain, i never been hurt before, so i figured it would go away,, couple weeks go by, it gets worse, my top half of my arms, my shoulders, my top half of my ba