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  1. Eddie- You need complete proteins...from lean meats and fish...beans, rice, nuts, and other whole grains contain NO complete protein (unless you combine them)...to be healthy you need lots of veggies, a good amount of fresh fruit, lean protein such as eggs, fish, chicken, or bison, and some whole grains such as Ezekiel, oats, and sweet potato's. Check out the book "150 Healthiest Foods" it has a lot great info...I also workout a lot and take a whey protein shake once or twice a day. I have taken
  2. Hey everybody, So in the past 2 months or so I have gotten my acne under control:) Very few breakouts, and if I do get a small pimple it goes away very quickly. I used to have cystic acne and many breakouts but since using Paula's choice products, including here BAH liquid, plus Peter Thomas Roth's Uber-dry sunscreen for a about 2 or 3 months my skin has gotten dramatically better. My question is that I would like to add an antioxidant serum to my regimen and Paula's have gotten only mixed r
  3. Yeah, Paula's skin balancing spf isn't bad at all, although it does make me oily by the end of the day... thats the only thing i didn't like about it... but they all make me oily... except for PTR's uber dry. I think the reason may be is that almost all of the spf's I've used have been in a moisturizing base...i.e. paula's, olay, practiv's, neutrogena, etc...but PTR is really not like that....it goes on very dry, so for some it may not be moisturizing enough...i do use BP, but also use a toner,
  4. Man...we have very similar eating habits...I buy all the same stuff that you buy... mainly to keep a healthy, lean, muscular body but also to help with acne...sucks though when I see my friends stuffing burgers and greasy fries down their throats and they have pretty much perfect skin...then I go home to have chicken, brown rice, and a salad lol. But yeah between my protein powders and expensive food it's costing me around $600 a month...and I'm going to college also, so it's pretty tough. Total
  5. Try Peter Thomas Roth Uber-dry sunscreen...it's perfect if you have oily skin that gets even oiler if you use an spf. I've tried around 15 different types of spf and this one tops them all. I've been using it for about a week and so far have not been oily in the least...even at the end of the day! Olay for sensitive skin is the second best I've tried, but it still leaves me oily...So check out this Uber-dry...it's also oil-free and fragrance free and contains antioxidants! Im so happy I found it
  6. Hey everybody...I am currently using Paula's bha liquid at night only (as I shave in the a.m. I can';t use it right after that) and was thinking about using retin-a micro .04% after the bha at night to help with some cystic acne problems. Paula's website says this is fine to do, but the retin-a micro site says not to use in conjunction with any salicylic acid...Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts also would be awesome!