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  1. I just turned 21 on January 24th. I haven't had all that bad of acne, but when I about 19/20, when we moved to out new house with ultra shitty water (different town) it has gotten worse. I was a super premee baby. I'm just starting to get a decent amount of black hairs on my upper lip and about 15-20 on my chin. I have a LOT of pubic hair, and a good amount under my arms. Under my belly button is sloooooowwwwlllly turning a little dark and coming in... My penis has been in good working ord
  2. That's why I quit the Regimen and switched to Clean and Clear Advantage.... The Regimen did nothing but make my red marks stay and make my face look like shit. Meh.
  3. This stuff made my red marks go away in about 4 weeks. It really helped me out. I use a dime to quarter size tiwce or three times a day. It's in a grey bottle. I'd suggest it for anyone who needs a good SA wash.
  4. That's the thing though. I broke out 3/4 as much as I did ON the regimen than OFF it. It made no sense to stay on it, waste an hour or two every day, look like crap, have to check myself in the mirror 20 times a day to see if it's messing up, have my skin have pre-mature wrinkles....bleh.
  5. Being allergic to BP would, you know, make my skin go crazy. The only thing BP did for me was make my red marks stay.
  6. About 6 months ago I was getting acne on my cheeks, which never happened before. They stayed as little white bumps for a few weeks, and I thought it might just be a reaction from working in the Produce department of my local grocery store. A few weeks later, they turned into huge red bumps. I freaked out, and incidently, found this web-page right when they turned. GREAT! I thought, a nice way to keep this under control if they ever come back. So I started slathering on-the-spot on. The acn
  7. Seeing these types of posts make me glad I quit the BP and went to an all SA regimen. I seriously think BP was the cause of my red marks staying for a long ass time.
  8. I'd get some Eucerin Renewal with SPF 15 and AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids that help shedding of skin cells) The others look good. BUT, if yer going to try this regimen full out, which you should before doing the dreaded accutane, do it right and order a couple bottle of dan's BP. It's clear...and better...and bigger.
  9. Not only is Dan's BP Gel 5X the size for less money, it's clear so it won't turn white on your face.
  10. Sadly, the only thing that cures red marks is time. Salycilic Acid will speed it up. If you're going to only use SA, I reccomend Clean and Clear Advantage. Grey bottle. I stopped the Regimen and am only using this and my red marks are fading rather quickly.
  11. Everyone has different patterns. The pain in the ass would be finding a way to kep it under control. Good luck.