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Status Updates posted by ♥Melody♥

  1. ok ok! pecan pie then...

    *looking up the recipe on google*

    1. lucky kid already on summer break... *sigh*

      have fun :D

      1. ???

        i know how to make cheesecake...

        btw, hello?

        1. hey! life is treating me aiight... just the usual stress from college and midterms :) u???

          1. :D

            both my parents are Guatemalan, so that makes me Guatemalteca ;)

            1. [the last part was supposed to say] would you like to be my awesome friend? :D

              1. :)

                so yeah... from what i hear Spain is a beautiful country... so much art, history and soccer of course ;) and yes, i want to go to Spain and in fact, i will go to there as soon as i have $ and the time... how are your Spanish classes going? if you need help just let me know... my Spanish is impressive :D i am going to add you as a friend... or should i say, would you like to be my awes

                1. you are awesome too :) we have something in common, awesomeness and our love for soccer :) and yeah, i know you like Italian soccer more than the one from Spain, but you are still cool :D

                  hw is ok... too much reading and physics and other stuff... ugh stress :S

                  take care

                  1. awww :) Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment. Have you watched any European soccer lately? I have, so happy for Barsa and Man U... I guess I should do my homewrok now. Take care Josh :D

                    1. i am from LA too :)

                      i know, this is so random :S

                      1. Hey! I am sorry, but for some odd reason I couldn't go back to the chatroom... I feel bad because we were in the middle of the whole science/college conversation... My internet started misbehaving, it always does that!

                        Take care :)

                        Oh, I replied to your country post :P

                        1. i would have assumed that too... featherglass is a unique name after all :P

                          1. you discover my secret identity, darn it..............