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  1. AH! How are youuu? Its been a loong time!

    1. Sup Caroliona. It's been a while. I'm doing great. I'm just busy with college right now. Can't wait to graduate....

      1. ok ok! pecan pie then...

        *looking up the recipe on google*

        1. lucky kid already on summer break... *sigh*

          have fun :D

          1. NO lol pecan pie only!!! who the crap said i wanted cheesecake haha

            1. aw that sucks. I'm on summer break already! good luck on your exams

              1. ???

                i know how to make cheesecake...

                btw, hello?

                1. hey! life is treating me aiight... just the usual stress from college and midterms :) u???

                  1. whats up! hows life been treating you?

                    1. Hi Carolina. Well graduation went really well, for the most part. I didn't have very many people that i invited, but i did have people. So i was glad ^_^. I think I have enough money for a laptop, too! I hope you're doing great also!