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  1. Hello all! I decided to visit my old blog I started 2.5 years ago...I've been off of Accutane for 2 years now and have been blemish free since. I do have the occasional pimple, but I have NOT broken out since I have been off Accutane. I know one of my biggest concerns while taking Accutane was that it was a medication that worked IN THE LONG RUN - - I can proudly say that 2 years later, I am still blemish free!! This blog was my only outlet when I suffered for 6 months with horrible acne...I
  2. Hi, I was just browsing your log and I think you should definitely take a look at my accutane log from June '03 - Dec '03. It is under "Andrea's Accutane Log" and it has a lot of tips and and information for helping you out while on Accutane. Hope it works out for you, Andrea
  3. Hi guys - Wow it's been a year since I've posted anything on this site...just wanted to let you all know that I have been clear since finishing Accutane in December '03. That means a year and a half of clear skin! Of course, there are a few small pimples here and there (around that time of the month), but other than that I can honestly say I have not really broken out since getting off Accutane. I have recommended it to all people I know suffering from acne. It really has changed my life. I
  4. Well its been 3 months since I've stopped Accutane and my skin is still perfectly clear! The worst part are the scars...they are more visble now than ever. It's mostly the ice pick scars on my cheeks that bother me. My overall skin tone is evening out, although there is still some discoloration from the redness that lasted for 6 months. My oil production has resumed. It feels so weird!! I now get oily, but no pimples. My lips are no longer chapped, and I have been wearing lipgloss regu
  5. I was on 40 mg a day. I weigh 120lbs and I'm 5'2. Don't worry...you're only 4 weeks in. Hang in there because improvement may be around the corner. Things that I feel really helped were: 1) Use a toner!! Even though your oil production may go down, the dirt is still there. I used Clinique clarifying lotion 1 1/2. You'd be surprised at how much gunk is on your face at the end of the day. 2) Drink tons of water. I've read that it helps lessen the initial breakout and helps your body a
  6. Hi all, I know it's been forever since I've posted...nearly 2 months! Proud to say that I've been 100% clear for awhile now. I'm talking perfectly flawless skin. I just completed my 6 month course...I can't believe how fast time flies. I constantly get compliments on my skin. Not just from people who are comparing it to my old skin, but random strangers...even a girl at the makeup counter! The redness has almost completely faded, and although some hyperpigmentation remains, I know it
  7. Day 108/Week 16: Wow. It's been a long time since I've updated - almost a month. Happy to say that my skin was pretty much blemish free for the past month. I was able to wear makeup flawlessly and I was 100% confident about my skin.........till yesterday. I got a huge zit on my forehead and another on my left cheek. And I'm talking huge. I'm almost positive it has to do with my period right around the corner, but regardless, it pretty much sucks. I'm hoping that they disappear soon.
  8. Day 85/Week 13: *** 12 WEEK UPDATE *** I was enjoying a nice, clear complexion when BAM! Three whiteheads sprouted practically overnight #-o I know it sounds pathetic to whine over three tiny whiteheads, but after enjoying smooth skin, it's a pain in the butt. I'm trying to figure out what caused the mini-breakout...lack of water? the weather too hot? because I stopped using the Benza-clin for awhile? I dunno - too many questions and not enough answers. Isn't that the problem with acne
  9. Day 81/Week 12: Ouch. A pimple has taken residence on the corner of my mouth. Definitely due to the Vaseline. It's kind of painful, especially when I eat. Another 2 whiteheads have developed beneath the jawline. Not too bad, but annoying. Overall, my face is clear and the compliments keep on coming. My family was especially impressed. They couldn't get over it...all I heard were oohs and ahhs, and a lot of "congratulations!" =D> With makeup, I go out and no one could ever gue
  10. Hang in there passthejonch. Clear skin is right around the corner! And...I suggest you stick with using some sort of moisturizer for your lips. If they crack (which they will most likely do without something on them), they could easily become infected. That leads to way more serious problems. I know how Vaseline feels a bit grimy, but trust me, it's the best thing to use on your lips while on Accutane! Anyway, keep your head up!
  11. Day 75/ Week 12: *** 10 & 11 WEEK UPDATE *** Sorry for the lag guys. I guess it's harder to update now since I'm confident enough to go out! My face has been perfectly clear for about a week now, except for a minor breakout (due to my period). The texture is unbelievably smooth, and the redness is not even that noticeable anymore. As for the dryness, it's not so much my face anymore, it's my body. I have to moisturize like crazy. Everyone who has seen my face can't believe how cle
  12. thanks passthejonch and others who have PMed me I have a question for all the ladies out there who have taken Accutane : what kind of birth control did you guys take? Depo-Provera ("the shot") is what caused me to break out in the first place. Now, my doc has given me ortho-tricyclen which she says will clear my skin in the long run, but she doesnt know how I'll react to it in the first 2 months. Basically, she doesn't know if it will cause a breakout. And HELL NO will I take it if it caus
  13. I started my Accutane treatment 10 weeks ago (you can check out my log in the personal regimen section) and now I am practically acne-free! What made me break out in the first place was a birth control shot called Depo-Provera. Granted, I've always dealt with acne, but the Depo made me break out horribly (I'm talking 50+ pimples). My depo has since worn out, and since Accutane requires two forms of birth control, my doc has prescribed me Ortho-tricyclen. She says that it clears skin, but no
  14. Day 67/Week 10: Today was pretty awesome. My face was super smooth (except for one pimple on my forehead, but that was covered by a side bang) so I put on makeup for the wedding. When I finished, my face looked flawless. I mean, hands down it looked like I had perfectly smooth skin. I was afraid I was hallucinating, but I had FIVE compliments on how great I looked. My boyfriend told me he couldn't even notice ONE flaw (even under the flourescent light), his sister (who hadn't seen me in
  15. hey..keep your head up! I promise it gets better - I've almost completed 10 weeks and I'm pimple free. All thats left is a red face and some minor peeling. I've still got another 10 weeks though. :roll: I had extremely painful backpains too...they lasted for awhile, I'd say up until 2 weeks ago. Try a heating pad, it helps! Hope everything goes smoothly for you in the weeks to come
  16. Day 64/Week 10: *** 9 WEEK UPDATE *** My face has no bumps!!!!! Wow..FINALLY! I had a pretty nasty breakout last Friday. I had three papules on my forehead, a reoccuring pimple above my lip and two beneath my jawline. I was looking horrendous Luckily, those papules on my forehead turned into whiteheads that soon dried up and flaked off (thanks to benzaclin). There is a slight red mark above my lip from the pimple..but no bump. The area beneath my jawline pretty much cleared up, excep
  17. Day 59/Week 9: I had a derm appointment on Wednesday. Good news and bad news. The bad news is that my derm has finished his residency and no longer works there The good news is that I got my new prescription with no problems...YAY! My face is doing great. No "noticeable" pimples on my face..Unfortunately, I can feel a pimple forming above my lip. OUCH. Pimples there are the worst. I hope it goes away by next Saturday because I have a wedding to attend and I really want to look gre
  18. Day 56/Week 8: ***8 WEEK UPDATE*** Things are looking a bit better since my last entry. The massive cyst on my forehead dried up and is now just a patch of dry skin. The two whiteheads next to it went away yesterday. The cyst on my left cheek turned into a whitehead, so I'm waiting for it to dry up and flake off. The whiteheads along my right cheek are either dried up or smaller. So....the total of blemishes is... (let me go count....) THREE! WOW. =D> Right now it's just this enor
  19. Day 53/Week 8: Damn. A massive cyst with two little friends popped up on my forehead. It's one of those painful ones - ouch :? Another large whitehead developed beneath my jawline...It is definitely poppable but I'm leaving it alone. A cyst is also developing on my left cheek...AHHHH! Tiny tiny whiteheads are sprouting on my right cheek too. WHAT THE HELL?! I have a hideous red mark above my lip...a rememberance of a whitehead that was once there but came off when I washed my face. Man,
  20. Day 50/Week7: *** 7 WEEK UPDATE *** I feel like I'm in a dream. My face is getting more and more smooth by the day. There are about 2 small blemishes left, but all that's mainly left is a pink face! I can run my (very clean) hands along my cheeks and not feel a bump. It's amazing. Even my forehead is clear, with only one healing blemish. To make things even better, the intense dryness has calmed down, and I no longer have to slab on moisturizer in order to talk. My lips are still i
  21. Day 46/Week 7: Wowwww..only 3 active blemishes on my face and a few healing pimples. I'm really excited, but I've come to realize that it's all temporary - more likely than not, I will wake up tomorrow with a new "friend". As I've said before, looking in the mirror every morning is like playing the lotto. I may be more clear, I may not. Hopefully tomorrow will be a GOOD day because my boyfriend is coming down to visit me There's nothing I like more than when someone who saw me before
  22. Just wondering what causes the back pain while on Accutane. Sometimes when I lie or sit down there is a sharp pain at the base of my spine. I've been on Accutane for 7 weeks. The pain is worth the progress on my face (you can check my journal in the Personal Regimen Logs)..but is there anything I can do to alleviate the pain?
  23. Day 43/Week 6: *** 6 WEEK UPDATE *** This week is the closest I've been to clear skin in about 4 months. There are parts of my face that are so smooth it's unbelievable. Even my stubborn forehead seemed to give up under Accutane's pressure and cleared up. Right now, I have a total of 7 blemishes...and ALL of these are small whiteheads. With makeup, they are invisible and I look like a normal human being. Two problems left to conquer are the RED face and dry, flaking skin. Today was
  24. I read somewhere that it is not recommended, but I was wondering why? My roots looks horrendous..any suggestions?