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  1. I thought the last comment on having your food allergies checked first and then hormones was an excellent idea. I had my food allergies check, Great Smokey Diagnostic blood test, through my regular g.p. Naturopaths and g.p.'s use it, it is a very reliable test. I had stomach aches all my life. It was in 1997 and it has proved to be right-on. Dairy was a no-no. No matter how good for you yogurt is and I love it and miss it, if you are allergic to it, it does no good for your body. I have
  2. I have sensitive, fair but oily skin. I found for me what cleared me up was putting less frictiion on my face, using NO washrag but a gentle wash. And I put the Niacinimide Cream or gel which I got at a compounding pharmacy on each individual zit as it emerged, esp. the cystic ones, and it took care of them easily. Now I am acne free for a year or more, just an occasional monthly pimple. Of course, I did the internal route with a naturopathic school, so both helped. Hope that helps a litt
  3. My brother, 28, who has a little darker skin tone than I do (I am very fair and very blonde, cannot tan) but who tans easily, has used the Neutrogena little tinted moisturizer for years now. He moved back to Scottsdale, Arizona, this year for the second time and uses it down there all the time. My mom has used it too. It is good stuff, does not cause him to break out. The color is so light it does not look like any color at all. Does not cause breakout for either one, although my mom said t
  4. We have all been there. I know I have oily, sensitive skin (makes for a difficult approach to treatment). This is what I found - if I used anything harsh to clean it or put on it, after a few days my face got red and dry! Go to my post I just put on, on the Personal Regimen site, under Newcastlegirl, and read what I did. I really am convinced if you start from the inside out first, treat your face ever so gently and be patient, use only one product for several days or more to see if that wor
  5. #-o I should have said this - I have been acne-free for several months. I get an occasional pimple and I immediately put the Niacinimide Cream (a B-vitamin compound I obtained at Key Pharmacy in Kent, Wa., through Dr. Romero's prescription) which either makes it disappear in a night or it goes away in a few days). I keep it on hand just for those pimples, although it is primarily good for cystic acne! I believe you can obtain it minus prescription through acnemiracle in the gel form if you a
  6. =D> Hi everyone. It has been a while since I posted my skin update. Those of you who have been on this site for a while (a year or more for me) know how hard it was for me to get my acne cleared up - I tried everything short of birth control pills and Accutane (so glad I did not try either one, although two different doctors recommended them). This is one year later since I went to Bastyr Naturopathic Clinic in Seattle, where so many naturopaths go to get trained. It is much cheaper tha
  7. =D> Hey guys and gals, you are all getting too worked up and emotional about this acne cure. You know, it all comes down to if Dan's method works for you, and the only way it will work is this: Getting rid of acne long-term! Not for a week or a month, but for months and years! But our bodies do change and react to things with time, I know, but this is what I learned alot from Dan last summer and this message board with its links Dan posts. Alot of it was trial and error and it is not che
  8. I like the clay masques but I find the only thing that has reduced my oiliness for the past year is taking Vitamin A! I rarely have a shiny face anymore like I used to at the end of the afternoon. Try taking cod liver oil (I take one pill at 2500) and then the rest in your multi-vite (I use Carlson's) and then use Herpanacine - the latter two have beta carotene form of A, so I take a total of 25,000 i.u. which is max (30,000 my naturopath said). I find the less topicals I take, the less m
  9. I tried Dan's Regimen a year ago this summer and b.p. at any dose did not work long-term for me. Got rid of little whiteheads, but then I had red marks and still cystic acne. Finally, for me, after 4 derms in several years, went to Bastyr Naturopathic Clinic in Seattle. I also researched natural ways via links to this site. For me the only way that worked long-term: take a homeopathic for your character type via a naturopath asking you questions, etc., and then I had a massive aggravation
  10. I can see how less of Carley's in time and frequency would be better - it has those little exfoliating beads in it, and if you exfoliate TOO much and too long in this case, you are counterproductive! I think you are absolutely right! If I exfoliate, I use the St. Ives Gentle one (orange in color) that has the tiniest of granules and is very inexpensive, esp. when it is on sale at Bartell's Drugs here in Seattle. My derm years ago (one of the only things I learned from 4 diff. derms) said to e
  11. When I tried B.P., Dan's Regimen at the lowest percentage b.p., I learned alot from not only him but other links and people on this site. I also turned red. B.P. even at the lowest dose was too harsh for my skin. I used to think scrubbing and picking and just putting lots of stuff on my face helped - boy, was I wrong. Acne starts from the inside out, and while topicals are often helpful, I feel the more I know about my skin, the less I put on my face and the gentler I treat it. The only
  12. I tried Carleys a year ago - it was too harsh for my very fair and sensitive skin, aggravated it more. But it works for some people, so give it a try. I found for my oily yet sensitive skin that less was better. I gently wash my face with Alba Botanical herbal face wash (h.f. stores or Trader Joe's Grocery stores) and do not use even a washrag. The only topical I use is the Niacinimide B-vite cream compound, which I only put on cysts or emerging pimples (hardly any anymore). The Niacinim
  13. I change my pillowcase about every 2-3 days, use a flannel one (have several), but I believe it helps esp. if you have oily skin. I use a separate towel to gently dry my face, no washrag. Try a white towel as it harbors less bacteria. Fatman, that picture you have is wretched, if you read this. All I am asking is .... why???????
  14. You have to take your 30 mg. minimum of zinc with copper - like 2 mg. of copper - I took Zinc Plex but Solaray makes one, and there are some other sites out there. It helps but does not cure. I took the Zinc Plex a year ago twice a day, so I took 60 for a while. The zinc plex had 3 different kinds of zinc so you got the right zinc, guess everyone's body responds to different zincs, don't know if that helps. My naturopath recommended it.
  15. Hi there. I take the Carlson's brand, capsule, 2500 i.u., just one pill but I take the rest of the Vitamin A through beta carotene. I never go over a total of 25,000 i.u. a day - I use the Carlson's Multi-Vite which has some in it, plus a h.f. brand called Herpanacine which is beta carotene, some E, and amino acids, but you can get the remainder of A any way you want, I just use the one pill of Cod Liver Oil so I won't get over the amount. I know it is recommended to use their brand of lemon